Saturday, April 2, 2011

What happens to your body when you're sick

We all know the common symptoms of the common cold but here are some things not everyone knows:

  1. Your face may breakout when you're sick.  I've experienced this many times as well as my friends.  The skin above my eyebrows are red and my face looks more inflamed.  I have never notice cysts but I have seen more of those little red bumps.  So if you break out when you're sick, don't blame it on whatever face wash you're using, blame it on the cold!
  2. Your lips will be pale.  Every time that I'm sick, I notice that my face looks more ghostly.  My lips in particular is an ugly brownish purple color as apposed to my normal bright coral color.
  3. You might drop a pound or so, but don't purpose get sick so you can lose weight.
  4. The skin under your nose might peel due to blowing your nose, so I usually just put a dab of vaseline under my nose to keep the discomfort away.  Vaseline stays on longer and protects the skin from further abrasion.

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