Friday, April 22, 2011

Absolute steal: $40 AE jeans for $11

Oh my goodness.  So at American Eagle, I found a pair of Slim Boot Dark Indigo Wash jeans for only $13.97.  Wow.  They are originally $39.50, down to $19.95.  AE currently has an additional 30% off clearance merchandise, making these $13.97.  I, of course, bought them.  When I went home, I found that there is a 20% off everything at AE so with the 20% off included, the jeans would have only cost $11.  Amazing.

Now if you want to hit up this deal, make sure you ask a sales associate to show you the jeans because they are not marked down in the stores.  Just ask them to grab you jeans that are $20 and under because thats what I did.

The Slim Boot jeans are $11.17, the Skinny cut ones are $15.96 after coupon so pick what you want.  The price may vary at your store like it does online.  Make sure you use your AE Rewards card so you can score up coupons later.

You can find the 20% off coupon here.  This coupon is good till the end of 4/24/11.  I'm not sure how long the deal is going to last because the associates don't even know until the week of.

The 20% off is good online and there is free shipping till the end of 4/24/11.

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