Friday, April 1, 2011

Review: Express Top Handle Satchel

Edit: I just noticed this.  This bag looks EXACTLY like the famous Mulberry Alexa ($1,500)!  Well, minus the round plate.  If you have been drooling over an Alexa, but don't have the funds, get this!
Mulberry Alexa -->

I finally got my hands on this bag thanks to my friend Brianna.  When I first laid eyes on it, it looked really tiny compared to the measures of 14" by 11" and I thought that it would be way too small for school.  However, as I filled it up with my folders, makeup bag, wallet, calculator, notebook, and A-pad, it all fit perfectly.  By perfect I mean that the magnetic hook still hooked on which was absolutely amazing because the bag looks so small!

The bag is all synthetic with faux leather, straw, and antique gold metal.  This shade of cognac is much lighter and yellower than the cognac that I'm used to, but it is true to the image.  Think of it as the same shade of Benefit Hoola powder vs ruddy red bronzer.  It comes with removable cross body strap and there is a handle at the top.  There is buckle detailing on the flap and also underneath it.  There is a pocket underneath the flap and a zipper compartment inside.  This is such a cute bag but the one thing I don't like about it is how easily it can be scratched.  I already got a mark on it, its minor, but still a mark.  I blame it on the faux leather so I think I'm going to have to seal it up with nail polish and maybe hair spray the whole bag.

You can pick up this bag at Express for $60 but I personally would not buy it for $60, just wait till a coupon comes out or for it to go on sale.  It also comes in white (all faux leather, no straw detailing) and it is currently available in stores.

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