Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 12/25-12/31

So my new years resolution was to not buy anything.  I can buy food and stuff, but not material things.  I can buy material things if I get money back from a return and things.  We'll see how this goes.

The Fossil Stella Watch in White finally came back to stock on so I snatched one up and there was also a 10$ off coupon so I got an $85 watch for $44

I bought a pair of Aeire Gym Slim Flare Pants for $15.  They were $30 down to $25 and there was an additonal 30% off clearance and a 15% off coupon so I actually got them for $12.74

I went to Sephora and bought over $159 of things because I had a 10% off coupon from VIB and I needed to return a lot of stuff.  I'm not going to list all of them because it's really a lot of stuff.  Since my store didn't have some of the things I wanted in stock, I went online and purchased the St. Tropez set with the mousse, highlighter, and mat, theBalm Time Balm creme foundation and I got a 0.33oz bottle of Light Blue perfume for free.

I bought the mini Ole Hendreksin micro peel set $45 and the OPI ridge filler $8.50 from with my $50 voucher purchased for free from Plum District.  I absolutely love the micro peel set, it's like going to the spa every week.  The ridge filler is just a semi sheer white nail polish.......can't really tell a difference.

I went to MAC and bought the Girl Boy Brow Set $15 which is opaque enough to color my black eyebrows to match my hair color.

I bought $374 of stuff for around $175, but I only had to spend $66 more

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 12/18-12/24

I bought a pair of Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses in Havana for $185

I returned the white skinny jeans I bought from F21 because they were like see thru thin.....I swear I'm like done from shopping there.  On to more sophisticated higher quality clothing stores.

Since F21 only does credit back, I decided to just grab whatever was at the register so I wouldn't have to go back again.  I grabbed a brown reindeer sweater $14 in large because it's winter and I wanted something over the shoulder (I still haven't tried the damn thing on) and 6 nail polishes ($2.80 each) because I'm obsessed with doing nails now.

I went to Sephora and returned a bottle of UDPP because I have legit bought 5-6 of them in the past 2 years.  Wayyyyy too many primers in my collection.  I bought 6 Sephora by OPI nail polishes ($9.50 each) with the gift cards I got from returning.  I got Keep Me On My Mistletoes, Flurry Up, Only Gold For Me, Wardrobe Change, Wild About Shimmer, and Caught With My Khakis Down.  I'm going back to exchange Wardrobe Change and Wild About Shimmer for Chest-nuts About You and Traffic Stopper Copper because I didn't know they had rose gold colored nail polishes.

I also redeemed the fragrance voucher that I got in the Deluxe Fragrance Sampler ($50) set from Sephora that my boyfriend bought that I ordered.  I got Marc Jacobs Daisy ($62) which smells wonderful when mixed with Aquolina Pink Sugar.  When I ordered the set, I used a coupon to get a .33oz of Narciso Rodriguez for her eau de parfum  ($20ish) and  the $15 gift card that Beauty Insiders get every December.

I went to Victoria's Secret to use my $10 off $10 card that I got in the mail for Sexy Little Things Noir Tease Shimmer Hair And Body Spray ($10) which smells just like Viva La Juicy.  If you are on a budget, I recommend you get Sexy Little Things Noir Tease, it is just a little watered down, but it is essentially the same smell.

This week I bought $470 of things for $188

Present to myself

Freaking Carly Cristman just always has to buy everything I could possibly want.  She got me into rose gold jewelry, I bought the nail combos she had on, I bought her favorite perfume, she made me buy wide brim wool hats, and now she is going to make me buy her sunglasses.  She is going to be the death of me or my bank account.

These Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses she has been sporting has been haunting me everywhere (Left).  I know that they probably won't even look good on my face, I just know that I have to have them.  Round sunglasses have never looked good on me and they probably never will, its just the way it is.  I'm hoping that these would be a miracle worker since the nose part doesn't stick out so it'll actually fit my nose.

These retail for $290 at Nordstorms, but they can be found for around $190 on eBay.  Although I could very much order these right now, I've stopped myself as it is winter.  I don't need sunglasses in the winter, but now, I'm thinking that it might be smart to buy these now.  I'm not sure when the sunglasses will be off the shelves and when they do, the price will be much higher. Yeah right, I couldn't resist so I bought them for $185 and am getting $3.70 back in eBay bucks.

I bought the Havana color which is a tortoise shell.  I went to Sunglasses Hut to try them on and the lady recommended me buy the tortoise instead of the black because it matches very well with my hair.  They actually don't look that ridiculous on me because I have a wide face so the glasses aren't in your face oversized.  I can't say it's the most flattering pair of sunglasses I've ever bought, but I know I'll love them forever.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 12/11-12/17

At Forever21 I bought Star Fringe Necklace $6.80, Mustard/Grey Double Layer Gloves $2.50, Silver Interlinked Bangles $3.80 because I lost one of my glove and there was a no minimum free shipping promotion.
I bought a R.J. Graziano Curb Link Watch in Rose Gold for only $21 shipped.  It retails originally for $50, on sale for $45, there's a $20 off $40 coupon for HSN, there's 8% cash back on, and my debit card is doing $10 cash back on $20+ purchases from HSN.  I've been looking for a rose gold watch for months and I almost splurged on the Michael Kors one or the Fossil one, but lucky I didn't.  The only reason why I even buy watches is because I love the strap of steel watches.  This watch's strap is made up of large curbed links which is perfect for me since I love large linked jewelry. 

I purchased 3 $50 vouchers from Plum District for $34.  They're selling them for $30, there's a 10% off coupon: fabulous, and I had $10 in free credits in 3 accounts.  There's a program where if you get 3 friends to buy the deal off your account after you buy one, you get yours free.  I ended up only paying for 2 vouchers because someone else also bought a voucher.  I bought the Caruso hair steamer, Spornette vented round brush, Mavala Mavadry top coat nail polishVidal Sassoon Perfect Pouf Brunette Combogot2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Hairspraygot2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre LotionApHogee Intensive Two Minute Keratin Reconstructor 8 oz.Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Penetrating OilCricket Amped Up Teasing Brush - FuchsiaVELCRO Classic Bouffant Rollers- 5pk 1-1/2" (38.1mm)Sedu Beach Beauty Sea Salt SprayMonroe Professional Bobby Pins- 1lb Box - Blonde, Mebco Tortoise Shower DetanglerDiane Double Prong Clips 1 3/4" Silver 80- Pack, and Remington TStudio Ceramic Pearl Curling Wand for only $12 additional.  I know this is like a crazy amount of hair stuff haha, I thought I should just buy everything I could possibly need because this is a crazy deal.   I can't believe I bought a pound of bobby pins, I guess I will never be out of bobby pins for the rest of my life.  Oh my god, there's gonna be so many ways for me to curl my hair after I get all my stuff, wow.
I spent $80  for $232 of stuff this week

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Roundup: Black Friday to 12/6 - $1630 of stuff for $265

Sorry, this blog has been greatly neglected.  You'd think I'd update it during the summer right? Ha, I was working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; I barely had time to myself!  And then came school and blah blah blah, but I'm back so enjoy!

On Black Friday, I went to H&M and bought a shearling jacket for $16.  It was originally $35, $20 on Black Friday and I had a 20% off coupon from signing up for their newsletter (Available year round).  I also got a black velvet tutu dress for $5 which was quite a steal!

Gap perfumes were 40% on Black Friday so I grabbed "Stay".  It is originally $10, down to $6 from sale and I had $5 off from this coupon so I got 0.34 fl oz of an eau de toilette for only $1

Sephora had Aquolina Pink Sugar 1.0 fl oz for only $10, down from $29 for Black Friday.  I already have a bottle of this, I just bought another one as a backup because I'm a panic freak when I run out of my products.

I finally bought these ankle wedges in leopard for $29.50.  Makemechic had a 30% off coupon which covered the shipping costs.  I already got the same boot in black, but I loved them so much that I got them in leopard too.  They are the most comfortable shoes and the silhouette is amazing.  They just came out in plum too!  Guess who is getting a pair? 

I bought Dusk in purple (looks little more vibrant in person), a studded bottom bag from Just Fabulous using my credit that I bought on Plum District for next to nothing.  The bag is actually from Vieta. They were selling $40 vouches for $19 and there was a 15% off coupon so I got vouchers for $11.15 because  there's $5 credit for every person you refer that purchases and for the person that purchases. I bought 5 vouchers for $44.60 and got $3.85 left in Plum District credits. If you are curious, I bought Law in beige, Lois in Nude, Principle in black, and Decades Denim Marlene Tux Pants with my other vouchers.

I bought a Personal Microderm from Dermstore.  It retails for $179, it is on sale only at Dermstore for 20% off, there was a $30 off $150 on Black Friday weekend, there's a Thanksgiving gift bag that comes free in purchases $150 and up, there's 8% cash back from (sign up and you'll get $5 in your account automatically), and my debit card gave 20% cash back on Dermstore purchases for a limited time.  The PMD was around $141 so I threw a bottle of Skindinavia spray in to make it $150.  There's free 2 day shipping on purchases over $100 and the spray was going to delay shipping by 2 weeks so I called and got the spray off my purchases and they also honored the coupons and gift bag.  I ended up getting a PMD $179, Boscia Revitalizing Hydra Lift $35, Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion $22, and a travel size Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream for only $87

At F21, I bought a white oxford shirt $15.80, grey bedazzled dress shoes $6.99, a lace print skirt $6.50, ruby red stud earrings $4.80, large hair styling clips $1, mustard yellow tights $4.50, eyelash curler $2.80, a cobalt blue wool beret $5.50, and a black wool beret $5.50.  None of the things were on sale except for the shoes, I didn't want to wait till Black Friday to order them because they would have been sold out by the time I ordered them.  I've been wanting a standard white oxford for the longest time and I finally found it at F21 for a really good price.  The shoes were an impulse buy, I really wanted "grown up glam" stud earrings, I really needed clips cause I didn't have any, my eyelash curler's rubber grip was all cut which was also cutting my eyelashes so I needed a new one, mustard tights are extremely in this season, and I've been wanting a cobalt blue wool beret for 2 years.

I bought 5 vouchers on Plum District for Sole Society that were $25 for $50.  It was Black Friday weekend and they had a $10 off coupon code which I used in conjunction with my $10 credit that I got from either purchasing via mobile the 1st day PD went mobile or from creating my account during the $10 credit promotional period.  Each $50 voucher only cost me $5 and not to mention, there's 8% cashback via  I'm not sure if I'm getting $2 back or $0.50 back per voucher.  I spent $20 for $250 of vouchers as one of my accounts was loaded with credits so I didn't have to spend a cent.  

With my vouchers for Sole Society, I bought 7 pairs of shoes.  I bought Heather in dark spice, Lulu in black, Lallixa in brown, Tivoli in army green, Billie in brown, Charlotte in red, and Kyte in nude.  I'm returning Lallixa because one shoe is darker and looser than the other and you can't do anything about it, Billie has a round toe which I hate, and Charlotte's ankle straps hurts to walk with.  If you are interested in Sole Society, you can join here.  It is a shoe club that gives you a monthly selection of shoes.  You are not obligated to buy every month.  Most shoes retail at $49.95, but if you order on the day your account is opened, you get a pair 50% off.  There is also a $10 off coupon right now: sassyholiday.  These shoes are by designer Marco Santi which you can find at DSW and some of the shoes are made with genuine nubuck, leather, suede, or kid suede and they still retail at $49.95.  For high quality shoes, it is a steal!

About a couple weeks back, Plum District was selling Hautelook vouchers $25 for $50.  I bought 7 vouchers for $68.50.  There was $10 credit for person purchasing and $5 for the referee and there was some coupon available. There's $10 credit for everyone that you refer that purchases on Hautelook so I accumulated $70 of credits for free.  Over the past month, I bought 5 Michael Stars shirts, 2 hats from Lulu NYC , a backpack from Lulu NYC, a set of makeup brushes from Crown Brush, an Insound hoodie, and I recently purchased a Covet modal dress, a Marika dry v-neck tshirt, a bunch of TheBalm cosmetics, an RXB sweater and a Sturhling watch for my boyfriend.  I bought Sexy Mama Translucent Powder $19, Down Boy Blush $21, Hot Mama Blush $19, Bahama Mama Bronzer $19, BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer $25 from the TheBalm flash sale. I think in total, all my Hautelook purchases cost $10 more than what I paid for for all the vouchers.  I bought $1150 worth of items for only around $80.

On Plum District again, I bought 2 $50 vouchers to for $3 in total.  They were selling them $25 for $50. I had $10 in credits from either the purchasing via mobile promotion or the $10 credit sign up promotion, credits from referring, and there was a $10 off coupon for Black Friday.  With my vouchers, I bought the Merkaba necklace $45 and the Seahorse necklace $46 for $0 additional.  They both are made with solid gold chain and pendant.

Origins was having a $10 off $25 and free shipping promotion for Black Friday.  I bought 2 bottles of Clean Energy Cleansing Oil because I was sick and tired of using Pond's Cold Cream as it is a pain in the butt to wipe off everything and it is just gross to use.  Each bottle was $21 and so I paid $32 for $42 of products.  It is extremely rare to get department store makeup/skin care on sale and this one was one of the biggest coupons I've seen from Origins so I had to purchase.  I've been wanting a bottle of cleansing oil for 2 years now, but I've always held back because they were so expensive.
If you add it all up, I bought $1630 of stuff for only $265 :D

$50 to for only $22

Hey everyone, sorry I've been away, I think I was just too caught up with everything in my life.  I missed blogging about all my crazy deals.  Anyways, I thought it would be great to share this since I just purchased one.

Plum District is selling $50 vouchers to for only $30, but you can easily get one for $22.  When you sign up at Plum District, you automatically get $5 in credit for free and there is a 10% coupon code, making the vouchers only $22.  There is also free shipping at for orders $50+ which you would clearly qualify for.  Depending on how the store qualifies as spending $50, you can also get a free 1 year subscription to Allure magazine.  I'm not sure if we'll qualify because we technically didn't "spend" $50, we used a coupon.  If you don't want the magazine, you can sign up for a $12 rebate here, you end up only shelling out $10 for $50 of products, WOWZA has some of the top hair tools and products out there.  They are known for their great selection of flat irons, particularly the Sedu.  If you don't need another flat iron, there are thousands of other products to choose from.  I, myself, bought a Spornette Prego Ceramic Styling Brush in XX Large $15, Caruso Protraveler 14 Molecular Steam Hairsetter $30, and Mavala Mavadry Top Coat $11.  I did go $7 over $50, but who cares, I really needed/wanted these things.

I got the hair brush because I don't have a vented round brush for blow drying and the round brushes that I do have have either very small diameters or doesn't grip my hair.  I've been wanting the Caruso Hair Steamer for a couple months now because it's absolutely amazing.  Check out this video below to know what I mean.  I also bought the Mavala Top Coat because I've been really into doing my nails lately and I wanted a good top coat because I've never decided to "splurge" on the Seche Vite and reviews say that the Mavala is MUCH better than Seche Vite so I'm happy I never bought a bottle of Seche Vite.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pacsun jeans: Buy one get one FREE

As of right now, is selling select Bullhead Black jeans on a BOGO free promo.  Don't forget to use coupon code 15friends833 for 15% off your order!  The coupon is valid towards any order over $25

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Must buy more, more, more!

I really can't help myself when I have money, its quite sad.  Just today, I bought 4 bags, a pair of shoes and a jacket.  I also got a my first hair cut in 11 months! Let's start off with the bags:

Since I get emails from basically every retail store, I've been getting a lot of them for about sales.  I don't remember the reason why I clicked on the Kohl's one because I usually just read the title and pass.  I've been wanting a new bag for a while now because my Express Satchel is a bit too small for heavier school days.  Plus, its a little precious since I rarely pay over $20 for anything I buy and I didn't want it beat up.  So on Kohl's they were having a lot of bags on sale.  I got this Dana Buchman Reese Satchel Bag for $24 after discount and 10% coupon.  Originally $89

This Candie's cross body was just too cute to pass and it was so cheap.  I got it for $9.57, originally $38.  I ended up hating the color of the bag so I gave it away.
And then I had to get a black one because sometimes an all black outfit needs a little black bag too. This bag looked extremely cheap in person so I returned it

And then sad part is, I now realize that these new bags are the same size if not smaller than my Express one...FAIL

I came home from work and bought another bag.  I've been eyeing this since last night and it went on the daily sale from $25 down to $10 for today only so needless to say, I had to buy it.  Alone with some boat shoes.  Both were around $10 and I got shipping for only $3 because I have $5 free credit on Amazon and Target has a store there
Later on, I stumbled upon the Olsenboye line at JCP and discovered that it got a major upgrade from a year ago when it was just crap.  I bought this awesome ruffled jacket that is even more amazing than my Target cream one.  I had to snatch it even though it was a little higher than my normal price range ($26 shipped).  Hold on, it actually was around the same price as my Target one. Fail again. And sorry for the bad picture, the full size picture runs on javascript so I couldn't save it.  

As for my hair cut, I got 4 inches off!  It was like 2-3 inches down my butt crack (sorry TMI, but its the only way to describe it) and now it sits right above it, in the small of my back which is fine.  I went to Paul Mitchel The School because it is near to wear I work and so I just walked 20 minutes back and forth to get there while getting lost and walking in the wrong direction because my phone's GPS kept on crashing.  When I met my hair stylist, I could tell she was dreading her new task because my hair was so extreme.  She was on her last week before getting her license and she was great with slide cutting.  I usually dread anything that resembles a razor to cut my hair because for some reason, it can't handle it, but it did no damage at all this time.  Usually I can notice the light bulb ends immediately but not this time.  However, when the instructor trimmed my length, ALL OF IT WAS LIKE THAT.  Ironic isn't it?  I'm gonna have to trim it myself in a few days if I don't want it to start splitting.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 7/24-7/30

  1. I got my Shoe Dazzle shoes!  The Eugenies were cute and comfortable.  They are actually made by Unlisted by Kenneth Cole.  They retail for $54 and they were $40 on Shoe Dazzle and then on BOGO Free and I got them for free by using a voucher that I bought for free via Groupon.
  2. I also got my Gracielas from Shoe Dazzle.  The lavendar color works well with my olive skin tone, but the straps are a pain to put on.
  3. I won a bottle of Australian Gold sunscreen from Teen Vogue from some giveaway maybe a couple months ago that I don't even remember entering.  I was skeptical of the product, but I can now say that it is my favorite sunscreen of all time.  It has a Invisi-Dri technology that makes the product try matte just like Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen but it comes with 100% more product AND it is a LOT lighter in consistancy.  I always worry that the Neutrogena sunscreen will clog my pores because it is so freaking thick, but now I have Australian Gold :)
  4. I got my missing samples from Bobbi Brown in the mail.  I got a deluxe sample of the Extreme Party Mascara, the Oil Free Moisturizer and a packets of other stuff.
  5. I got one of my Activa watches in the mail.  This one came damaged on the strap because the faux leather was like shedding off, I emailed Fraction Price and hopefully they will replace it.  If not, I'll just scrape the coating off the whole strap and wear it because it was only $3.
  6. I got my Amiclubwear shoes in the mail.  They are amazingggg!  The brown military style boots are freaking hot, but a bit tight because I'm a bit packed there, but the elastic will stretch over time.  The black thigh high boots are awesome as well. The pink sole is so cute and the fabric is stretch and soft to touch, unlike many other faux suede shoes.  They're like double lined leggings.  The boots are a bit loose around the thighs. 
  7. I purchased a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Skate Shoes in White on Karmaloop.  They retail for $200, found them for $148, used 21% off coupon, got them for $117.
  8. I also purchased a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots in Taupe Suede.  They retail for $160, got them for $126.
  9. I got a Liz Claiborne phone case in the mail from 1SaleADay for free, but sadly it doesn't fit my phone.  Retails for $30.
I paid $244 this week for $398 of stuff

Just ordered: Jeffrey Campbell Skate Wedges and Lita

I really don't know why I'm a shoe-holic.  Once you like a certain style, you want every design, every color, every height.  The desires are endless.  I, for one, caught the Lita craze.  Though I am a bit late on it, I still have it.  The Jeffrey Campbell Litas was a highly desired shoe for many in the fall of 2010 and they still are today.  I first caught a glimpse of them on Rumi Neely's blog, Fashion Toast.  She was wearing the Litas in Taupe Suede which was a very versatile and neutral color which is something I look for in shoes.  When I first looked at the shoes, I didn't like them enough to want to buy them, they were just extremely intriguing and the design was just outrageous.  I am one for wearing outrageous things in casual settings, but I thought these shoes were just too costume-y for me.

Although I was not into the particular style of the Litas at the time, I looked more into Jeffrey Campbell shoes because his name was being tossed around everywhere.  I was browsing on SoleStruck on day a couple months ago when I saw the Skates.  When I first lied my eyes on them, I thought they were a piece of art, an absolute piece of art.  It is rare to translate art into shoes in such a manner, but the Skates were a perfect representation.  I've seen cut out wedges everywhere, but never have I ever seen cutout wedges like the Skates.  The shoe was sold out at the time and came with a hefty price tag of $200.  The shoes were definitely out of my price range for one and I could never justify spending $200 for a pair of shoes out of my own pocket.  The most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned is a pair of Hanson black leather combat boots my mom bought me in 6th grade for around $200.  I still fit into them quite well, but the style of the toe is a bit odd shaped and the boots are mid-calf length which is a kill for me because I am a bit short.

I bookmarked the Skates, hoping that when I have a job, I would be able to afford them.  Long story short, here comes the day that I have quite a couple hundred dollars saved up and then I go find the Skates and learn that they are sold out in size 6 on every single website except eBay.  The shoe was still selling at $200 except on Karmaloop for $148 ($117 with coupon) and eBay for $230.  The shoe comes in black, nude, tan, brown, and white.  I was deciding against tan and white, but tan was not sold on Karmaloop so white was the only option.  Now, Karmaloop only has the shoes in stock in a size 7 and up and I'm a generally a size 6, but I prefer 6.5 for shoes that I have to wear with socks.  A 7 is not such a huge stretch, but since the Skates run large and they are open toed, I was a bit hesitant.

I browsed around Karmaloop's Jeffrey Campbell selection and found the Litas, only to find Taupe Suede only in stock in size 9 and 10.  The Litas run for $100-200, depending on how exotic the skin.  I found a pair of Pink Leopard Litas in calf hair for $126 which was $80 some dollars down for the original and they looked quite cute, but in retrospective, impossible to pair with every single outfit.  The pink leopard would just be an expensive decoration in my room, rarely serving its sole purpose.

I checked back in 2 days and found that Karmaloop had restocked their Lita in Taupe Suede stock and now had size 6 and up.  I was excited because Karmaloop has a 20% off coupon and a 1% referral code that can be used on every order along with free shipping while all the other sites that carried Jeffrey Campbell had some silly coupons.

Because it was too hard to decide between the Skates and the Litas and I didn't want to kill any more brain cells, I purchased both pairs after depositing my paycheck and realizing that it was the last pair of Litas in Taupe Brown in size 6.  The total came down to $244 which would have been $360 had I not waited and looked for coupons.  I feel freaking bad ass purchasing such expensive shoes , but then again, the Uggs that everyone wears retails for $130-$200 and a lot of girls I know have at least 2 pairs.  If you don't know, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear, even though they look impossible to walk in.

Whatever, I just wanted to get the shoes out of my system and once I get them, I'll know if I want to keep them or not.