Friday, July 29, 2011

Just ordered: Jeffrey Campbell Skate Wedges and Lita

I really don't know why I'm a shoe-holic.  Once you like a certain style, you want every design, every color, every height.  The desires are endless.  I, for one, caught the Lita craze.  Though I am a bit late on it, I still have it.  The Jeffrey Campbell Litas was a highly desired shoe for many in the fall of 2010 and they still are today.  I first caught a glimpse of them on Rumi Neely's blog, Fashion Toast.  She was wearing the Litas in Taupe Suede which was a very versatile and neutral color which is something I look for in shoes.  When I first looked at the shoes, I didn't like them enough to want to buy them, they were just extremely intriguing and the design was just outrageous.  I am one for wearing outrageous things in casual settings, but I thought these shoes were just too costume-y for me.

Although I was not into the particular style of the Litas at the time, I looked more into Jeffrey Campbell shoes because his name was being tossed around everywhere.  I was browsing on SoleStruck on day a couple months ago when I saw the Skates.  When I first lied my eyes on them, I thought they were a piece of art, an absolute piece of art.  It is rare to translate art into shoes in such a manner, but the Skates were a perfect representation.  I've seen cut out wedges everywhere, but never have I ever seen cutout wedges like the Skates.  The shoe was sold out at the time and came with a hefty price tag of $200.  The shoes were definitely out of my price range for one and I could never justify spending $200 for a pair of shoes out of my own pocket.  The most expensive pair of shoes I've ever owned is a pair of Hanson black leather combat boots my mom bought me in 6th grade for around $200.  I still fit into them quite well, but the style of the toe is a bit odd shaped and the boots are mid-calf length which is a kill for me because I am a bit short.

I bookmarked the Skates, hoping that when I have a job, I would be able to afford them.  Long story short, here comes the day that I have quite a couple hundred dollars saved up and then I go find the Skates and learn that they are sold out in size 6 on every single website except eBay.  The shoe was still selling at $200 except on Karmaloop for $148 ($117 with coupon) and eBay for $230.  The shoe comes in black, nude, tan, brown, and white.  I was deciding against tan and white, but tan was not sold on Karmaloop so white was the only option.  Now, Karmaloop only has the shoes in stock in a size 7 and up and I'm a generally a size 6, but I prefer 6.5 for shoes that I have to wear with socks.  A 7 is not such a huge stretch, but since the Skates run large and they are open toed, I was a bit hesitant.

I browsed around Karmaloop's Jeffrey Campbell selection and found the Litas, only to find Taupe Suede only in stock in size 9 and 10.  The Litas run for $100-200, depending on how exotic the skin.  I found a pair of Pink Leopard Litas in calf hair for $126 which was $80 some dollars down for the original and they looked quite cute, but in retrospective, impossible to pair with every single outfit.  The pink leopard would just be an expensive decoration in my room, rarely serving its sole purpose.

I checked back in 2 days and found that Karmaloop had restocked their Lita in Taupe Suede stock and now had size 6 and up.  I was excited because Karmaloop has a 20% off coupon and a 1% referral code that can be used on every order along with free shipping while all the other sites that carried Jeffrey Campbell had some silly coupons.

Because it was too hard to decide between the Skates and the Litas and I didn't want to kill any more brain cells, I purchased both pairs after depositing my paycheck and realizing that it was the last pair of Litas in Taupe Brown in size 6.  The total came down to $244 which would have been $360 had I not waited and looked for coupons.  I feel freaking bad ass purchasing such expensive shoes , but then again, the Uggs that everyone wears retails for $130-$200 and a lot of girls I know have at least 2 pairs.  If you don't know, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear, even though they look impossible to walk in.

Whatever, I just wanted to get the shoes out of my system and once I get them, I'll know if I want to keep them or not.

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