Saturday, May 28, 2011

Free: Antique Chain Bracelet

Enter in 5 friends that have signed up on nomorerack by 5/31 to receive a free antique chain bracelet!

Free: L'oreal Hair Dye

The L'oreal Gold Rewards Program allows customers to receive a box of hair dye for free if they punch in the codes from 5 other previously purchased L'oreal hair dyes.  The codes can be found on the bottles and this program is for 18+.  There is also an instant win games on the site

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sale: 30% off Entire American Eagle Store

From now till the end of 5/30, American Eagle store and are offering 30% your entire purchase AND free shipping on  This is also includes aerie stores as well.  Don't forget, there is also a 15% off coupon!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Free: Ecotools Makeup Brushes

If you mail in any new or used beauty item to Choose To Live Beautifully campaign, you will receive a coupon for up to $7.99 on Ecotools.  I think this is an awesome campaign because they donate all the products AND you get free makeup brushes.  I will be mailing in some makeup brushes that I absolutely dread.  More information is listed on this page.  Coupon limit to 2 per person.

If you have never used Ecotools brushes before, you should know that they are one of the softest brushes you will ever use/feel AND they are bamboo/eco friendly

Steal: Lady Gaga Born This Way Album for $0.99

Currently, Amazon is selling the digital copy of Born This Way for only $0.99.  The download also includes a 20GB space on their Cloud server which allows you to stream your music there.  The album goes for $12 on iTunes.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 5/22-5/28

  1. Got the white purse I ordered from nomorerack in the mail
  2. Received a bottle of Proactiv Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 15 in the mail.  I have no freaking idea where it came from.  I tried to google and find whatever sweepstakes that might have been giving this out, but there was none....
  3. I bought 6 Revlon nail polishes for $4.99 each at CVS and got $4 back in Extra Bucks for each polish.
  4. Jergen's Self Tanners are BOGO Free select items at CVS so I got a bottle of Natural Glow Express for $10.49 and received a bottle of Natural Glow Daily in Revitalizing, both for Medium-Tan skin tones because self tanners tend to be orange when intended for light skin tones.  I also used a $1 off coupon for each.
  5. A Sweet & Salty Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar came in the mail from a facebook promotion
  6. I got another trial size bottle of Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash for texting 467467 BODY
  7. 5 packets of skin care samples from Somme Institute from a promotion
  8. A bag of Seattle's Best Coffee in level 3 for free from facebook promotion
  9. I won a bottle of Au Natural Ayureda Essential Body Oil
  10. Got my Rodarte for Target dress!  Unexpectedly, it looks quite nice on.
Saved $83 so far this week and spent $15

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Steal: Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale

The Semi Annual Sale is going on right now online.  You can find bras from $12.99 and up.  Most of them are $24.99.  The Sexy Little Things have them at $19.99.  The everyday bras from Pink are $12.99.  The panties are $3.99.  I prefer to shop online because then I can find everything I want without spending hours going through piles of nonsense.  If you don't feel comfortable shopping online, the sale should hit the stores in a few days.  Good luck sorting through the piles!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekly Roundup: 5/15-5/21

  1. My free Calvin Klein Halter Top came in the mail from Ruelala!  If you have Asian boobs, I recommend going a size up because the cloth is further apart.
  2. I got 2 more free Suave Professionals Styling Product or Dry Shampoo coupons in the mail
  3. I purchased 2 Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail Polish in Mellow Yellow and Celeb City at $2.29 each after 2 $1 off coupons
  4. I purchased a Physicians Formula Summer Eclipse Bronzer in Sunlight and Mineral Wear Talc Free Pressed Powder in Beige for $4.95 each.  Originally $14.95, this week at CVS, Physicians Formula powders/bronzers/concealers/foundations/blush are all $6 off and I had 2 $4 off manufacturer coupons.  If you are NC 35ish, I recommend the Beige shade.  I put it on this morning and it was SOO dark so I have to exchange it for Translucent Light to match my NC 20-25 skin tone.
  5. I purchased 2 boxes of John Frieda Foam Hair Dye in Medium Ash Blonde and Light Ash Blonde for $-4.  If you are wondering why I get blonde dye, it is because I have naturally black hair and I have to use blonde to get it to a medium brown.  I had 2 coupons for a box of John Frieda Foam Dye for free and you get $2 back at CVS if you buy one this week.
  6. I exchanged 4 Maybelline 24 Hour Lipsticks for different shades because I was sent some really dark and unflattering colors.  I got Blush On, So Pearly Pink, Continuous Coral, and Constantly Cabernet.  These lipsticks WILL NOT transfer whatsoever, but they will wear off near the center of the lip.  If you don't apply carefully, you're going to be stuck with uneven lipstick for the whole day.
  7. I got another box of DeFabulous Ginger Shampoo & Conditioner and their Body Wash for free.  I used my boyfee's cat's address.
  8. I got my pearl necklace from nomorerack!  They didn't turn out to be biwa as expected, but they do look nice and they are real.
  9. My 2nd Calvin Klein Bikini Top came in the mail from Ruelala
  10. Got my Lorac eye shadows from Hautelook!  They are amazingly pigmented.  I think they're the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever used to be honest.
  11. Got mini hand sanitizer, candle, and lotion from BBW for free through the LUV BBW Club
  12. Purchased a white bikini bottom from H&M.  I thought I was going to get 2-3 suits, but my store didn't have the ones in stock :(
  13. Won a Roc Anti-Gravity Eye Cream from a Beauty Undercover giveaway
  14. Got my velcro hair holders in the mail.  They don't really stick that well.
  15. Returned my Stila Custom Color Blush and Lancome Color Design Lipstick in Trendy Mauve to Sephora.  I purchased an e.l.f. Studio Blush that was the exact same color as the Stila one, only $17 less.  The lipstick was just a horrible color for my skin tone.
  16. Exchanged the Physicians Formula Talc Free Powder in Beige for Translucent Light
  17. Got an appetizer for free at Smokey Bones using email sign up coupon
  18. Ordered a Rodarte for Target Slip Dress in Peach and Xhilaration Electra Suede Boots in Tan for $11.12 after $20 of free credit from Swagbucks
Saved $172 this week and spent $31!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Giveaways as of 5/12

There are so many giveaways going on ALL the time.  For example, magazines are ALWAYS giving away stuff.  For a list of the magazine sweepstakes I enter, go here.  As for other giveaways, here's a list:
  1. Voda Swim Giveaway 1, 2, 3, 4
  2. Cake Beauty Un-Sweet and Un-believable giveaway of every product on their site
  3. Every Wednesday and Friday, Physicians Formula has a giveaway
  4. $1,000 spree on Hautelook
This is just a short list, for more, just google giveaways or something like that.  Blogs give a way a lot of stuff and so do company facebooks.  Just be on the look out for them and the best way to be in the know is to like a LOT of company pages on facebook.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Steal: $9.90 Calvin Klein Bikini Tops and Bottoms

On Ruelala today, there's Calvin Klein bikini pieces going for $9.90.  If you were smart enough to sign up for Ruelala during the $20 free credit period, you could be getting one for free and still have left over credit!  The tops go by cup size and the bottoms go by letter sizing.  After the $20 credit, I'm getting a bikini top for $1.05 shipped because I live in NY and there are taxes for NY residents.  Most of the bathing suits retail $46 each normally, mine was actually $72

LOL.  I got 2 for $0.60 shipped.  Apparently my paypal didn't want to let it authorize so they cancelled my order.  However, since Ruelala has a policy of free shipping after the 1st order on the same day, I was able to get 2 for $0.60 shipped because I didn't have to pay shipping.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Free: Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Dye

Starting 5/13/11 to 5/15/11, Clairol will be giving away 25,000 boxes of hair dye each day!  You will need to submit the forms at 12:00 noon Eastern Time each day when they come up.  They will give away coupons for a free box of Clairol Natural Instincts or Natural Instincts Vibrant.  Only 1 offer per household.

Steal: 91% off Lorac Cosmetics

Today, Hautelook is having a flash sale on Lorac Cosmetics.  I'm seeing $22 eyeshadows down to $1.99 AKA 91% off.  I don't recommend getting the mascaras because from the reviews that I have read, they freaking suck.  There are lipglosses for $1.99, eyeshadows for $2.99, baked eyeshadows for $1.99, mascaras for $3.99, eyeliners for $2.99, cream liners for $2.99 and it is a wonderful sale.  I snatched 3 baked eyeshadows for $2.88 because I had $10 credit.  Sometimes if you sign up at Hautelook, they send you a $10 off coupon so just see what you get :)  Yes, this site is legit, I did get the stuff I ordered from them a while ago.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Where to find coupons

I always make sure that I have some sort of coupon before I buy makeup from the drugstore because it is just plain out stupid if I don't.  Be sure to read my guide to couponing before using coupons to insure you save the most money possible. Here are some places I get my coupons

  1. There's usually peelie coupons on makeup that are on display.  At CVS, they have them in front of the wall.  
    1. At the Revlon stand, theres $2 off Revlon Colorstay Aqua stickers, $3 off Revlon Colorstay Foundation, $2 off Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner, $2 off Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow, $2 off Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain, and etc.  The Revlon ones expire in 2012.  
    2. There's $1 off Jergens Natural Glow coupons tied around the bottles.  
    3. There's $4 off Physicians Formula Bronzes peelies and $4 off Physcians Formula powders
    4. Theres Try Me Free stickers on select Physicians Formula products that you can honestly get for free
    5. Theres stashes of $1 off Maybelline coupons on the display stands. 
  2. Scan your ExtraCare Card in front of the Magic Coupon Machine at CVS when you get into the store because you get coupons out of that.
  3. Coupons also print after your purchase at CVS and Walgreens a lot
  4. There's a lot of facebook promotions where if you like their page, you can get a coupon.
  5. There's coupons on that you can print 2x usually.  I recommend printing them from Swagbucks because you get points for using your coupons AND save money at the same time.
  6. There's also coupons at
  7. In the Sunday Paper, there's a lot of high value coupons every week.
  8. If you don't have a use for a coupon currently, save it anyways.  You never know when something goes on sale and you can potentially get it for next to nothing. 
  9. I recommend signing up for mail from various companies so they send you coupons
  10. There's coupons in magazines a lot of the time.  The June 2011 issue of Glamour has a Target slip of coupons.  Seventeen magazine usually has coupons.  Marie Claire magazine also has coupons.
  11. I watch Rite Aid Video Values videos to get a butt load of coupons.
  12. You can sign up to get the P&G coupon booklet if you mail in your receipts that total something.  I forgot what it is.  You can get it on the P&G website
  13. If you have a labtop and you stumble upon a coupon, but you don't feel like connecting it to a printer?  Just click print anyways so it'll be sent to queue and things in queue usually stay there until you shut your computer off.  I always hibernate mine.  I recommend printing out coupons when you find them because a lot of times, people crash them and they take it down after it has been printed X amount of times

Weekly Roundup: 5/8-5/14

  1. Ordered a white braided mini bag from Nomorerack for free.  I had $25 of credit for free and the bag was $22 shipped. Retail $52
  2. Ordered 3 Lorac Baked Shadows in Insider, Drama, and Social from Hautelook for $2.88 shipped.  Retail $22 each, shipping is $5.95.  Saved $69.07
  3. Ordered one of those pink velour things that keep your hair back on eBay for $0.06 shipped, but I technically only spent $0.03 on it because I bought a $15 eBay gift card on groupon for $7.
  4. Got my coupon for a free box of John Frieda Foam Hair Dye in the mail from facebook promotion. Retail $12.99 a box
  5. Got another coupon for a free box of John Frieda Foam Hair Dye in the mail! Retail $12.99 a box
  6. Ordered 2 Calvin Klein Glass Bengal Halter Tops on Ruelala for only $0.60 shipped.  Retail $72 each
  7. The Sen7 I won is here!  They sent me a red one, I'm not sure what I'm going to put in it.
  8. The Cake Beauty set I won is here!  All of the products smell like lemon pie; yummy!
Saved $290 this week!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weekly Sales: 5/8-5/14

The deals I personally think are worth checking up on are underlined. Please read my guide to couponing before buying anything to ensure you save the most money possible.

Online sales:
  1. Take 50% off Achelle's Summer Picks on using code SUMPICKS by 5/16.  Max. discount $100.  Tip: Get your order up to $75 before the discount to get free shipping too!
  2. Take 20% off your purchase thru 5/13
  3. Take 20% any one item on with code 62029 thru 5/28
  4. Save up to 40% off regular prices on as a part of First Call Sale
  5. Save up to 30% off Festive Footwear on for a limited time
  6. Save up to 90% on designer brands on everyday.
  7. Save up to 90% on designer brands on everyday.
  8. Save up to 90% on designer brands on everyday.
  9. Take 30% off off the WHOLE site with code newest30, expires 5/12
Online gifts with purchase/ free shipping:
  1. Thru 5/14, get a free gift with select denim purchases on
  2. Free shipping and samples on $40+ orders on  Use code PONYTAIL, ends 5/12
  3. Spend $100 on and get free shipping by using code SHIPVS11, ends 5/19
  4. Buy any full priced bra on and get free shipping with code SHOPBRAS11, ends 5/12
  5. With any $50+ order on, use code INSTYLE to get a 2 week supply of the Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum and a 1 week supply of the Brown Sugar Body Polish, free shipping, and 3 free samples.  Thru 5/12
  6. Free standard shipping on with code COOL through 5/19
  7. Get 3 free samples on with any order thru 5/12.  Tip: order $30+ to also get free shipping.  No code needed.
  8. Get deluxe samples of Bobbi Brown Protective Face Lotion SPF 15 (7mL) and Hydrating Face Tonic (15mL) with any order with code BARE on thru 5/13
  9. Free deluxe Extra Firming Tightening Lift Botanical Serum ($26 value) and 3 free samples with every order on, no code needed.  If you make a $60+ purchase, choose one of 4 deluxe skin care systems (up to $96 value) thru 5/19 and with $75+, free shipping.
  10. Free deluxe 10 day supply of Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus with code PRIMELASH thru 5/12 on

Rite Aid:

1.       $2 Single Check Rebate for Eos Organic Lip Balm so it should cost $0.99
2.       Sally Hansen Nail Enamel BOGO 50%
3.       Almay Foundation, Powder, Blush, Concealer, or Bronzer BOGO 50%
4.       Finesse Shampoo, Conditioner, Stylers BOGO Free, retail $3.99 each
5.       Got2B Styling Products BOGO Free.  I high suggest their heat protectants because they smell SOOO good. 
6.       Covergirl Clean Makeup, Simply Ageless, Natureluxe Foundation, and Natureluxe Lip Balm 30% off.  I highly suggest the Natrueluxe Foundations
7.       Revlon BOGO 50%.  I love the Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily skin and their lip sticks
8.       Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, and ROC Facial Skin Care BOGO 50%.  There are $2/1 Neutrogena coupons found here.  If you buy $20 of those Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, ROC Lubriderm or Johnson’s , you get $10 back in +Up rewards.  Limit 1x
9.       Neutrogena, Aveeno, Lubriderm, Johnson’s Hand and Body Lotion $2 off Retail. If you buy $20 of those Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, ROC Lubriderm or Johnson’s , you get $10 back in +Up rewards.  Limit 1x
10.   Neutrogena Cosmetics BOGO 50%.  If you buy $20 of those Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, ROC Lubriderm or Johnson’s , you get $10 back in +Up rewards.  Limit 1x
11.   Aveeno Hair Care BOGO 50%. If you buy $20 of those Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, ROC Lubriderm or Johnson’s , you get $10 back in +Up rewards.  Limit 1x
12.   Buy 2 Biore Skin Care and get $5 back in +Up Rewards.  Limit 4x
13.   L’oreal Studio Secrets Primer, Color Corrector, Revitalift, or Age Perfect Skin Care $10.99. get $5 in +Up rewards when you buy 3 of these.  Limit 1x
14.   Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner 25.4oz or Treatments for $5.99 and get $1 in +Up Rewards. Limit 4x
15.   Buy $10 of Soft & Beautiful, TCB, Motions, Just for Me, Comb thru Hair Care and get $5 in +Up Rewards. Limit 2x
16.   Buy $15 of Banana Boat or Hawaiian Tropic Suncare products and get $5 in +Up rewards. Limit 2x
17.   Wet N Wild Cosmetics BOGO Free.  Get $3 in +Up rewards if you buy $10.  Limit 4x
18.   L’oreal Preference Hair Color $17/2.  Buy 2 and get $3 in +Up rewards


1.       Buy $10 of Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner 13-25.4oz or Sleek & Shine perfector kit and get $3 in Extracare Bucks. Limit 1x
2.       $5.97/2 Aussie or Herbal Essences shampoo, conditioner 10.1-13.5 or styler 6-14oz and get $2 in Extracare Bucks.  Limit 1x
3.       Spend $25 on participating Neutrogena products and get $10 in ECB, limit 1x.
4.       Spend $15 on Revlon cosmetics and get $7 in ECB, limit 1x
5.       Olay ProX moisturizer 0.5-1.7oz or starter kit and get $5 ECB, limit 1x
6.       Spend $10 on Covergirl foundations, powder, blush, concealer, or lipstain and get $3 ECB, limit 1x
7.       Buy Olay ProX advanced cleansing system and get a free Olay cleanser, scrub or toner.
8.       Cetaphil BOGO 50%
9.       Maybelline BOGO 50%
10.   Sally Hansen BOGO 50%


1.       $15/4 Tresemme shampoo, conditioner 5.7-32oz or styler 6.5-11oz and get $5 in Register Rewards
2.       $7/2 Pantene shampoo, conditioner 12.6oz or styler 5.1-11.5oz and get $1 in RR
3.       Gillette Fusion Proglide razor system $9.89 and get $5 in RR
4.       L’oreal Sublime Bronzers 25% off
5.       L’oreal cleansers $2 off retail
6.       Olay body lotion 20.2oz, Regnerist serum 0.5-1.7oz, or Micro-sculpting cream 1.7oz BOGO 50%
7.       $6/2 Revlon Colorsilk.  There is a $1/2 in the May Coupon Booklet
8.       Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash BOGO Free
9.       Maybelline BOGO 50%.  There are $1/1 coupons found here
10.   Covergirl foundation, concealer, powder, blush or eye cosmetics BOGO 50%
11.   Almay Cosmetics BOGO 50%.  There are $3/1 coupons found in the Walgreens May Coupon Booklet
12.   Neutrogena Cosmetics BOGO 50%.  There are $2/1 coupons in the May Coupon Booklet
13.   Rimmel foundations, primer, powder, bronzer, or eye cosmetics 50% off.  I suggest their 24H foundation, primer, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, and eye liner.  I do not suggest their eye shadows because they are not pigmented what so ever.
14.   Revlon lip or nail cosmetics BOGO 50%

Free: American Eagle Shorts

Today, be the 1st five to check in at ANY American Eagle store and get a FREE pair of shorts!  It doesn't matter which kind you get and this is only available for those who have the facebook app on their phone to check in on places.

Free: Nail Polish

Text SUMMER to 467467 to receive a free nail polish in the mail.  They will text you back asking for your address and such, they won't send spam or anything.  I have gotten so many things from ShopText so it is reliable.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to get free makeup

At the top of every month or somewhere around there, I like to take 1.5 hours and enter in all the magazine sweepstakes I can find:

Allure: They have a monthly grand prize and like 5 sweepstakes where the first 500 people to enter win free stuff at noon of 5 specific week days at the top of every month.  To win the 1st come 1st serve, you need to count down the seconds.  I have won $200+ from Allure sweepstakes from the August 6x daily sweepstakes.
Glamour: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.  I have won $200 of jewelery before.
Teen Vogue: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.
Teen Vogue All Access: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once. I have won a bottle of perfume before
Seventeen: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.  There are also daily sweepstakes that require codes.
Lucky: Lots of monthly/bi monthly sweepstakes, enter once.
Redbook: Some monthly sweeps, enter once.  Daily sweepstakes can be entered once a day per sweepstakes.  I have won a $112 body product set before
Elle: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter daily.
Elle Decor: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter daily.
Elle Girl: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter daily.
Good Housekeeping: Some monthly sweeps and daily ones.  Enter once
Marie Claire: Some monthly sweeps, enter once.  Daily sweepstakes can be entered once a day per sweepstakes.
Cosmopolitan: Daily sweepstakes, enter daily per sweepstakes.
Woman's Day: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter daily.
Allure Virtual Store: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.
Harper's Bazaar:Daily sweepstakes, enter daily per sweepstakes.
In Touch Weekly:Weekly sweepstakes, enter daily per sweepstakes.
Glamalert:Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.
Lucky Style Spotter: Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.
Self:Several monthly sweepstakes, enter once.

When you start doing sweepstakes, you really have to stay optimistic because it takes a lot to enter in so many, but your chances are so slim.  If you dedicate yourself to it, you should win something every couple months.

Join the Glamspotter program for chances to win beauty products by taking surveys.  L'oreal Consumer Panel also offers products occasionally for surveys (I have received $24 of hair stuff).  Become a Bzzagent to join campaigns where they send you free makeup (I have received $60 of makeup).  Earn points on MyPoints and Swagbucks to receive gift cards that can be used to purchase makeup (I have received $40+ in giftcards).

I also post a blog whenever there is free makeup available at Sephora; coupons will get you free makeup just about every week.  Learn how to coupon here.  I also post weekly savings posts for beauty products from drugstores.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Free: Supergoop Acai Fushion Balm

Get 30 days worth of this antioxidant rich lip balm by Supergoop for free at  Use the code ACAIBALM when checking out.

This is online only and I would say this sample is probably worth about $2-4.  This lip balm is tinted sheer pink and has an SPF of 30

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Steal: Free Shipping At Forever21

There is free shipping on Forever21 towards all purchases with a dress from the Special Occasion category until 5/4!  This is awesome because as you all probably know, Forever21 is hell to shop at physically.  You never know where the heck things are and it is just crazy because there is so much stuff.  I also prefer to shop online there instead of in-stores because they have GREAT pieces online that are never found in-stores.  The downside to ordering online is that you have to purchase $50+ to get free shipping and shipping is like $6-7 on there which sucks because I can totally get 2 hair pieces for the price of shipping.  If you are getting accessories only, sometimes shipping will be more expensive than your actual purchase!

The Special Occasions category does not only include party dresses, they have casual dresses too!  All valid dresses are found on this page and if you scroll all the way down, there's a Tea At Three category.  I adore all the dresses there because they totally go with the spring theme without going overboard.  I love all pleated, lace, and vintage floral pattern dresses.

When you check out, be sure to use the code SOSHIP

Monday, May 2, 2011

Steal: 30% Off At Old Navy

There is a coupon on Old Navy's facebook for 30% off a single item.  If you need flip flops, Old Navy has them at $3.50 each so you would be getting a pair for $2.45, but I don't recommend the darker colored ones because the color transfers.  I personally can't wear their flip flops because they give me calluses on the bottom of my feet, where the two thongs meet the sole.

Coupon expires 5/12/11

Beauty News: Urban Decay Primer Potion Now In A Tube!

After much complaint from customers, Urban Decay has finally gotten rid of the awful potion bottle and switched to a much more practical potion TUBE AND 1ml more product.  Urban Decay Primer Potion, in my opinion, is the best primer for eyes to be found.  However, the potion bottle eats up soooo much product because of its shape, forcing users to cut open the packaging to get more product.  I also had a problem with product oozing out because of the wand.

Without a doubt, I will be purchasing the new UDPP, retailing $19.  If you have a bottle of UDPP and your receipt, you can exchange it for the new tube one!  Sephora allows you to return ANYTHING ANYTIME.  They don't even require receipts, but I think its better to have one unless you want to be accused of stealing like what happened to me...

Things to do and not do for prom

  • Don't you freaking dare go get a facial right before prom unless you know how your skin reacts to it.  If you have to, do it at least a week before hand cause honey, facials bring up gunk from deep inside your pores = break out.  
  • Wear sunscreen or any face makeup with titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide.  Physical sunscreens reflect light = white cast in photos.
  • Go all out tanning.  You have no idea how many girls I have seen look completely orange before dances.  
  • Getting your eyebrows done the day of prom.  Waxing generally leaves people with a bright red patch of skin under their brows for hours.
  • Wear shoes you have never before worn.  It would be extremely embarrassing if you fall down the stairs at prom.  Learn to walk properly in your shoes and put pads in if it is the tiniest bit painful.  If you don't wear heels on a regular basis, your calves will be killing you.
  • Don't get your makeup done at a counter without consultation/trial.  You have no idea how many girls walk out of there looking like hookers when they ask to look natural.  If they have it, they will put it on you.
  • If you don't wear a lot of makeup usually, don't do it for prom.  Don't you want to look like your normal self, but just a little better; not a completely different person?
  • Go to Denny's or IHOP for your after party.  It is just plain out awkward; why are you so formal in such an informal place?
  • Use mouth wash.  You might just fail your breathalyser test
  • If you are getting your makeup done, bring in your foundation or whatever you use for coverage.  This is important for pale girls because a lot of foundations can make you look orange.  You also want to wear something you know isn't going to irritate your skin or break you out.
  • Have a makeup consultation/trial!  Makeup artists tend to over do the job.
  • Deep condition your hair.  Your hair will most likely face heat styling so be nice to it so it will look good!
  • Bring a jacket.  It is usually freezing at 11 PM, I was shivering my bones off even with a jacket
  • Bring blotting sheets.  I don't suggest powder because you will be wearing makeup so don't pack on more so you'll clog your pores.
  • Bring a camera!  I forgot mine......LOL
  • Keep a perfume sample in your clutch.  Sweat does not smell good.  You can always ask for perfume samples at Sephora, they never mind doing them.
  • Wear a button down shirt or something with a really big collar so when you take it off, you won't ruin your makeup or hair
  • Get your teeth whitened or start using whitening strips a few days beforehand.
  • Double cleanse your face after prom.  Chances are, you are wearing extra makeup.
  • Be safe!

Steal: 15% off at American Eagle

I'm either stupid or dumb, they both mean the same thing.  At the bottom of AE receipts, I always see Enter Nomad Sweepstakes! which I always forget to do.  Well, I did it tonight and what do I get?  15% off coupon at AE.  Should have been smarter and used it when I spent $60 there last week.  Let's just hope my return and repurchase tactics will work and I'll be $8 richer which is a lot considering that I have $0 dollars left.....

There are jeans on sale for $19.95.  After the 30% off clearance, they would be $13.97.  When you use this coupon, the price will be reduced to $11.80.  Basically, anything that is on clearance sale, you will be getting 40.50% off.

Enter the Nomad Sweepstakes here, but if you're too lazy, here's the link to the coupon.  This is valid from 4/20-5/31

Note: I have 9 $10 off $40 purchase coupons for AE valid 5/31-6/20.  If anyone wants one, give me a holler.  They are still giving these out in stores too.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Sales: 5/1-5/7

Rite Aid:

  • Physician's Formula Bronzers BOGO Free. Learn how you can get 2 for $1 or FREE here.
  • Covergirl Cosmetics 40% off retail.  There are also $1 Covergirl cosmetics peelies found on mascaras.
  • Revlon foundations $2.99 after +Up Rewards and rebate.  You can also snatch it for free or $0.99
  • Revlon Beauty Tools 40% off retail.  If you buy 2, you get $4 back in +Up Rewards.  You can find emery boards at $0.75 each so you can make $2.50 from this!
  • Maybelline Eye Cosmetics BOGO 50%
  • L'oreal Lip products BOGO 50%
  • Olay Skin and Bath Care excluding Pro-X BOGO 50%
  • If you buy $25 worth of select P&G products at Rite Aid till 5/21, you can sign up for a 1 year subscription of either Allure, Lucky, Glamour, Self, or Vogue for free.
  • Spend $10 on Maybelline mascaras and get $3 back in Extra Bucks.  If you find a stash of $1 off any Maybelline product coupon in stores, you can make this a great deal.  I found a stash at my local Rite Aid
  • Spend $10 on L'oreal Cosmetics and get $3 in Extra Bucks
  • John Frieda BOGO 50%
  • Pond's BOGO Free
  • Caress BOGO Free
  • Bic disposable shavers BOGO 50%
  • Maybelline Fit Me BOGO 50%
  • All NYC cosmetics BOGO 50%
  • Covergirl cosmetics except clean foundation powder BOGO 50%
  • Get $4 back in Register Rewards when you purchase Renpure Organics
  • Buy Noxzema razers and get $3 back in Register Rewards
  • Buy select Bic Soleil and get $2 in RR
  • Nivea Skin Care 25% off
  • Clearasil 25% off
  • Neutrogena Naturals BOGO 50%
  • Select Old Spice and Gilette BOGO 50%
  • Schick Hydro BOGO free
  • Speed stick/Lady Speed stick BOGO free
  • Maybelline 40% off retail except for mascaras
This isn't all the sales going on this week, it is just some of the more high value ones I found.

Steal: Physician's Formula Bronzers BOGO Free OR 2 for FREE

Physician's Formula Bronzers are BOGO free this week at Rite Aid.  To make this deal even sweeter, there are $4 off PF Bronzers coupons stickers found on PF Bronzers.  Their bronzers retail around $11 so you could be getting 2 for $3 by using 2 peelies..  If you are extra smart, you would watch the wellness+ and Physician's Formula videos found in Rite Aid Video Values and get $4 off making it $-1 for 2 bronzers by using 2 peelies, 2 1$ off non-prescription purchase coupons, and 1 $2 off Physcian's Formula bronzer coupon

If you don't find any $4 off stickers, there are also $5 off Physician's Formula cosmetics found in this Sunday's paper.  If you use 2 of those, you can get 2 for $-3

Steal: Revlon Foundations For $3!

At Rite Aid this week, ending 5/7/11, you can get Revlon foundations for $2.99!  They are selling at $9.99 this week and there is a $5.00 +Up reward as well as a $2 rebate!  If you were smart enough to ripe off the $3 off Revlon Colorstay foundation stickers that were found on them a while ago, you can get a bottle for free!

There is also a $2/1 Revlon Foundation coupon in the 5/1 Sunday paper

Revlon foundations retail for around $11.  I recommend either Photoready or Colorstay foundation.  Photoready for those who want dewy skin.  Colorstay for those who want a super long staying foundations.  The oily/combination version is great for oily skin and is awesome for prom!