Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Steal: Free Shipping At Forever21

There is free shipping on Forever21 towards all purchases with a dress from the Special Occasion category until 5/4!  This is awesome because as you all probably know, Forever21 is hell to shop at physically.  You never know where the heck things are and it is just crazy because there is so much stuff.  I also prefer to shop online there instead of in-stores because they have GREAT pieces online that are never found in-stores.  The downside to ordering online is that you have to purchase $50+ to get free shipping and shipping is like $6-7 on there which sucks because I can totally get 2 hair pieces for the price of shipping.  If you are getting accessories only, sometimes shipping will be more expensive than your actual purchase!

The Special Occasions category does not only include party dresses, they have casual dresses too!  All valid dresses are found on this page and if you scroll all the way down, there's a Tea At Three category.  I adore all the dresses there because they totally go with the spring theme without going overboard.  I love all pleated, lace, and vintage floral pattern dresses.

When you check out, be sure to use the code SOSHIP

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