Monday, May 2, 2011

Things to do and not do for prom

  • Don't you freaking dare go get a facial right before prom unless you know how your skin reacts to it.  If you have to, do it at least a week before hand cause honey, facials bring up gunk from deep inside your pores = break out.  
  • Wear sunscreen or any face makeup with titanium dioxide or zinc dioxide.  Physical sunscreens reflect light = white cast in photos.
  • Go all out tanning.  You have no idea how many girls I have seen look completely orange before dances.  
  • Getting your eyebrows done the day of prom.  Waxing generally leaves people with a bright red patch of skin under their brows for hours.
  • Wear shoes you have never before worn.  It would be extremely embarrassing if you fall down the stairs at prom.  Learn to walk properly in your shoes and put pads in if it is the tiniest bit painful.  If you don't wear heels on a regular basis, your calves will be killing you.
  • Don't get your makeup done at a counter without consultation/trial.  You have no idea how many girls walk out of there looking like hookers when they ask to look natural.  If they have it, they will put it on you.
  • If you don't wear a lot of makeup usually, don't do it for prom.  Don't you want to look like your normal self, but just a little better; not a completely different person?
  • Go to Denny's or IHOP for your after party.  It is just plain out awkward; why are you so formal in such an informal place?
  • Use mouth wash.  You might just fail your breathalyser test
  • If you are getting your makeup done, bring in your foundation or whatever you use for coverage.  This is important for pale girls because a lot of foundations can make you look orange.  You also want to wear something you know isn't going to irritate your skin or break you out.
  • Have a makeup consultation/trial!  Makeup artists tend to over do the job.
  • Deep condition your hair.  Your hair will most likely face heat styling so be nice to it so it will look good!
  • Bring a jacket.  It is usually freezing at 11 PM, I was shivering my bones off even with a jacket
  • Bring blotting sheets.  I don't suggest powder because you will be wearing makeup so don't pack on more so you'll clog your pores.
  • Bring a camera!  I forgot mine......LOL
  • Keep a perfume sample in your clutch.  Sweat does not smell good.  You can always ask for perfume samples at Sephora, they never mind doing them.
  • Wear a button down shirt or something with a really big collar so when you take it off, you won't ruin your makeup or hair
  • Get your teeth whitened or start using whitening strips a few days beforehand.
  • Double cleanse your face after prom.  Chances are, you are wearing extra makeup.
  • Be safe!

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