Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sales Associates Aren't To Be Trusted

I don't know what is with them these days, but I've caught a few of them lie to me.  Yesterday at American Eagle, one of the managers told me that I could purchase AE stuff at Aerie with the 10$ off coupon.  I took her advice and worked my way to Aerie and it worked.  Today, I was trying to return 2 pairs of jeans that I had purchased so I could get $10 off each.  But no oh oh, the associate told me that I couldn't do that because the coupon only counts towards Aerie merchandise only.  She then called another girl asking if it would work and she said no when I argued that I was told yesterday that it would.  I don't know what their deal is because I had 5 different associates tell me yesterday that it would and specifically what I would have to do.  Maybe they didn't know it would work, but come on, if everyone knew yesterday, why wouldn't the person in charge today know?

So I make my way to Aerie anyways so I can get some free shirts and when I go to the register, the girl tells me that I could only use one. Well, there is a guy standing right next to me so he can purchase 2 too.  I left Aerie $2.38 poorer when I could have been $20 more rich.  I mean I can't complain because I have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of stuff there this weekend for like $30, but still, it is a bit upsetting because I wouldn't have gotten the shirts if I didn't need to use a coupon.

And then there is Sephora at JCP.  A year ago, I was exchanging Benefit High Beam for a Kat Von D palette because I had like 5 highlighters at the time and I didn't want the big bottle to expire before I even got to it.  So I go up to the register and the lady is legit accusing me of stealing.  She was asking where my receipt was, why I didn't have the receipt, how did I get the product, where did I get it and tons of stuff like that.  No ma'am, I purchased it 2 months ago with money and I didn't think I needed it because returns at JCP could be done without a receipt.  If you check the cameras, I came in with it and I've never stolen anything there before.  It was absolutely ridiculous because she was freaking me out and everybody around me was like staring, even the other associate. So I stayed out of there for a while, almost called the store to complain about her, but decided against it because I didn't want anybody losing their job.

I have also been dodging the Clarins counter for a while too.  3 years ago, I purchased the Double Fix Mascara hoping it would be a cure to mascara smudges.  Sadly, it wasn't, it made everything worse.  When I went to take it back, the woman was like yelling at me, trying to teach me a lesson while the 14 year old little me stood there almost in tears.  She told me that stuff at Clarins weren't returnable because they just aren't.  Well, if that was true, why did she process the return anyways?  I had the receipt, everything was packaged, and everything at Macy's is returnable if not satisfactory within 180 days.  Come to think of it, I should have gotten cash back instead of a gift card...  Anyways, that was on 4th of July and she freaking ruined my day.

Another thing I experience all the time is that whenever you call a store to have them hold something, 9.5/10 they will say that they don't have it when they 100% do.  Maybe they're not looking in the right spot, but I'm pretty sure most of the time they don't even bother to look.  It is 2PM on a weekday; there's like 2 customers in stores, stop being so lazy.

Bottom line, you can't trust everything that comes out a sales associate's mouth.  I have had far too many bad experiences with them.  I don't mean to offend any sales associates out there, I'm just saying, out of my experiences, you can't trust everything they say.

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