Thursday, August 4, 2011

Must buy more, more, more!

I really can't help myself when I have money, its quite sad.  Just today, I bought 4 bags, a pair of shoes and a jacket.  I also got a my first hair cut in 11 months! Let's start off with the bags:

Since I get emails from basically every retail store, I've been getting a lot of them for about sales.  I don't remember the reason why I clicked on the Kohl's one because I usually just read the title and pass.  I've been wanting a new bag for a while now because my Express Satchel is a bit too small for heavier school days.  Plus, its a little precious since I rarely pay over $20 for anything I buy and I didn't want it beat up.  So on Kohl's they were having a lot of bags on sale.  I got this Dana Buchman Reese Satchel Bag for $24 after discount and 10% coupon.  Originally $89

This Candie's cross body was just too cute to pass and it was so cheap.  I got it for $9.57, originally $38.  I ended up hating the color of the bag so I gave it away.
And then I had to get a black one because sometimes an all black outfit needs a little black bag too. This bag looked extremely cheap in person so I returned it

And then sad part is, I now realize that these new bags are the same size if not smaller than my Express one...FAIL

I came home from work and bought another bag.  I've been eyeing this since last night and it went on the daily sale from $25 down to $10 for today only so needless to say, I had to buy it.  Alone with some boat shoes.  Both were around $10 and I got shipping for only $3 because I have $5 free credit on Amazon and Target has a store there
Later on, I stumbled upon the Olsenboye line at JCP and discovered that it got a major upgrade from a year ago when it was just crap.  I bought this awesome ruffled jacket that is even more amazing than my Target cream one.  I had to snatch it even though it was a little higher than my normal price range ($26 shipped).  Hold on, it actually was around the same price as my Target one. Fail again. And sorry for the bad picture, the full size picture runs on javascript so I couldn't save it.  

As for my hair cut, I got 4 inches off!  It was like 2-3 inches down my butt crack (sorry TMI, but its the only way to describe it) and now it sits right above it, in the small of my back which is fine.  I went to Paul Mitchel The School because it is near to wear I work and so I just walked 20 minutes back and forth to get there while getting lost and walking in the wrong direction because my phone's GPS kept on crashing.  When I met my hair stylist, I could tell she was dreading her new task because my hair was so extreme.  She was on her last week before getting her license and she was great with slide cutting.  I usually dread anything that resembles a razor to cut my hair because for some reason, it can't handle it, but it did no damage at all this time.  Usually I can notice the light bulb ends immediately but not this time.  However, when the instructor trimmed my length, ALL OF IT WAS LIKE THAT.  Ironic isn't it?  I'm gonna have to trim it myself in a few days if I don't want it to start splitting.

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