Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Roundup: Black Friday to 12/6 - $1630 of stuff for $265

Sorry, this blog has been greatly neglected.  You'd think I'd update it during the summer right? Ha, I was working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week; I barely had time to myself!  And then came school and blah blah blah, but I'm back so enjoy!

On Black Friday, I went to H&M and bought a shearling jacket for $16.  It was originally $35, $20 on Black Friday and I had a 20% off coupon from signing up for their newsletter (Available year round).  I also got a black velvet tutu dress for $5 which was quite a steal!

Gap perfumes were 40% on Black Friday so I grabbed "Stay".  It is originally $10, down to $6 from sale and I had $5 off from this coupon so I got 0.34 fl oz of an eau de toilette for only $1

Sephora had Aquolina Pink Sugar 1.0 fl oz for only $10, down from $29 for Black Friday.  I already have a bottle of this, I just bought another one as a backup because I'm a panic freak when I run out of my products.

I finally bought these ankle wedges in leopard for $29.50.  Makemechic had a 30% off coupon which covered the shipping costs.  I already got the same boot in black, but I loved them so much that I got them in leopard too.  They are the most comfortable shoes and the silhouette is amazing.  They just came out in plum too!  Guess who is getting a pair? 

I bought Dusk in purple (looks little more vibrant in person), a studded bottom bag from Just Fabulous using my credit that I bought on Plum District for next to nothing.  The bag is actually from Vieta. They were selling $40 vouches for $19 and there was a 15% off coupon so I got vouchers for $11.15 because  there's $5 credit for every person you refer that purchases and for the person that purchases. I bought 5 vouchers for $44.60 and got $3.85 left in Plum District credits. If you are curious, I bought Law in beige, Lois in Nude, Principle in black, and Decades Denim Marlene Tux Pants with my other vouchers.

I bought a Personal Microderm from Dermstore.  It retails for $179, it is on sale only at Dermstore for 20% off, there was a $30 off $150 on Black Friday weekend, there's a Thanksgiving gift bag that comes free in purchases $150 and up, there's 8% cash back from (sign up and you'll get $5 in your account automatically), and my debit card gave 20% cash back on Dermstore purchases for a limited time.  The PMD was around $141 so I threw a bottle of Skindinavia spray in to make it $150.  There's free 2 day shipping on purchases over $100 and the spray was going to delay shipping by 2 weeks so I called and got the spray off my purchases and they also honored the coupons and gift bag.  I ended up getting a PMD $179, Boscia Revitalizing Hydra Lift $35, Weleda Sea Buckthorn Body Lotion $22, and a travel size Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturizing Cream for only $87

At F21, I bought a white oxford shirt $15.80, grey bedazzled dress shoes $6.99, a lace print skirt $6.50, ruby red stud earrings $4.80, large hair styling clips $1, mustard yellow tights $4.50, eyelash curler $2.80, a cobalt blue wool beret $5.50, and a black wool beret $5.50.  None of the things were on sale except for the shoes, I didn't want to wait till Black Friday to order them because they would have been sold out by the time I ordered them.  I've been wanting a standard white oxford for the longest time and I finally found it at F21 for a really good price.  The shoes were an impulse buy, I really wanted "grown up glam" stud earrings, I really needed clips cause I didn't have any, my eyelash curler's rubber grip was all cut which was also cutting my eyelashes so I needed a new one, mustard tights are extremely in this season, and I've been wanting a cobalt blue wool beret for 2 years.

I bought 5 vouchers on Plum District for Sole Society that were $25 for $50.  It was Black Friday weekend and they had a $10 off coupon code which I used in conjunction with my $10 credit that I got from either purchasing via mobile the 1st day PD went mobile or from creating my account during the $10 credit promotional period.  Each $50 voucher only cost me $5 and not to mention, there's 8% cashback via  I'm not sure if I'm getting $2 back or $0.50 back per voucher.  I spent $20 for $250 of vouchers as one of my accounts was loaded with credits so I didn't have to spend a cent.  

With my vouchers for Sole Society, I bought 7 pairs of shoes.  I bought Heather in dark spice, Lulu in black, Lallixa in brown, Tivoli in army green, Billie in brown, Charlotte in red, and Kyte in nude.  I'm returning Lallixa because one shoe is darker and looser than the other and you can't do anything about it, Billie has a round toe which I hate, and Charlotte's ankle straps hurts to walk with.  If you are interested in Sole Society, you can join here.  It is a shoe club that gives you a monthly selection of shoes.  You are not obligated to buy every month.  Most shoes retail at $49.95, but if you order on the day your account is opened, you get a pair 50% off.  There is also a $10 off coupon right now: sassyholiday.  These shoes are by designer Marco Santi which you can find at DSW and some of the shoes are made with genuine nubuck, leather, suede, or kid suede and they still retail at $49.95.  For high quality shoes, it is a steal!

About a couple weeks back, Plum District was selling Hautelook vouchers $25 for $50.  I bought 7 vouchers for $68.50.  There was $10 credit for person purchasing and $5 for the referee and there was some coupon available. There's $10 credit for everyone that you refer that purchases on Hautelook so I accumulated $70 of credits for free.  Over the past month, I bought 5 Michael Stars shirts, 2 hats from Lulu NYC , a backpack from Lulu NYC, a set of makeup brushes from Crown Brush, an Insound hoodie, and I recently purchased a Covet modal dress, a Marika dry v-neck tshirt, a bunch of TheBalm cosmetics, an RXB sweater and a Sturhling watch for my boyfriend.  I bought Sexy Mama Translucent Powder $19, Down Boy Blush $21, Hot Mama Blush $19, Bahama Mama Bronzer $19, BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer $25 from the TheBalm flash sale. I think in total, all my Hautelook purchases cost $10 more than what I paid for for all the vouchers.  I bought $1150 worth of items for only around $80.

On Plum District again, I bought 2 $50 vouchers to for $3 in total.  They were selling them $25 for $50. I had $10 in credits from either the purchasing via mobile promotion or the $10 credit sign up promotion, credits from referring, and there was a $10 off coupon for Black Friday.  With my vouchers, I bought the Merkaba necklace $45 and the Seahorse necklace $46 for $0 additional.  They both are made with solid gold chain and pendant.

Origins was having a $10 off $25 and free shipping promotion for Black Friday.  I bought 2 bottles of Clean Energy Cleansing Oil because I was sick and tired of using Pond's Cold Cream as it is a pain in the butt to wipe off everything and it is just gross to use.  Each bottle was $21 and so I paid $32 for $42 of products.  It is extremely rare to get department store makeup/skin care on sale and this one was one of the biggest coupons I've seen from Origins so I had to purchase.  I've been wanting a bottle of cleansing oil for 2 years now, but I've always held back because they were so expensive.
If you add it all up, I bought $1630 of stuff for only $265 :D

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