Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free: Physicians Formula makeup

Physicians Formula is offering full rebates for their Mineral Wear Correcting Primers, Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara, and Eye Booster Eyeliner or Serum.  Before you run out to the stores and purchase one, you have to know that you MUST purchase the ones with the Try Me Free stickers.  If you purchased one without, it's okay.  Just go find one of the SAME product with the sticker and just rip the sticker off.

Keep in mind that you must purchase these items at most the price listed in the Try Me Free sticker.  If it goes over, the company won't rebate you the remainder.  The Organic Wear Jumbo Mascara must be at or under $9.99

You will need to print out a form for EACH product and fill it out and send in the receipt with the product highlighted, the Try Me Free sticker to the address specified on the form.  The link to all the forms is here.

Each product rebate has a different address so make sure you purchase them on different receipts.  Also, when mailing out the Try Me Free sticker, make sure it is the right one!  They all look the same, but when you open them up, it will say what product it is for.

You must purchased these products from 1/1/11 to 12/31/11 so you have till the end of the year to find the stickers.  You must mail out the rebates by 1/14/2012.  However, for the Mineral Wear Correcting Primer, the promotion period is from 12/20/10 to 11/30/11 and you must mail it out by 12/14/11

For the week from 4/24-4/30, CVS is having a promotion for if you buy $10+ of Physicians Formula, you get $3 of Extrabucks back.  So, if you buy one of the rebate items, you get $3 for purchasing it!

Oh!  Don't get the Bamboo Wear powders if you see a Try Me Free sticker on it!  This was last years promotion!  I still see them in store and I almost got tricked the other day.

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