Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tips for Oily Skin

  • When you have oily skin, you probably think you don't need to moisturize.  That is absolutely not true.  Everyone of all skin types should moisturize.  If you don't moisturize, you skin will get dehydrated which in turn will cause your skin to produce even MORE oil as a defense mechanism.
  • A lot of people with oily skin like to be squinky clean after cleansing.  Sure, it feels great, but if your cleanser is very stripping, your skin will become imbalanced and breakout/product more oil.
  • Harsh cleansers also strip away your acid mantle which is a pH 4-5 protective boundary of your skin.  The acid mantle helps keep bacteria at bay. Removing it would mean more breakouts/irritation.
  • Oily skin types should stick to oil-free face products
  • You should always keep blotting papers to soak up the oil.  I don't recommend putting on powder over oil because it is just disgusting.  It is much more sanitary to remove and then powder.
  • To help keep the skin from producing excessive oil, try a mattifying face primer.  Mac sells a great one.
  • If you wear makeup and you have a constant battle with oil, try Skindinavia Finish Spray.
  • If you suffer from break outs, don't jack up on the acne products because it will dry out your skin tremendously.  Then you will go through a cycle of crazy dry flaky skin to super oily to crazy dry, over and over again.
  • I recommend cleansing 2-3x a day.  
  • Try to stay away from dewy/cream face makeup.  Also stay away from shimmers.  It will exaggerate oil.

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