Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to not have a muffin top

People of all sizes can get muffin tops.  The reason being: they are wearing the wrong rise.

When you have love handles and/or wide hips, the last thing you want to do is wear a low rise jean/pant.  Just because they are popular doesn't mean they will look good on you.  Now what you should be wearing are mid rise jeans.  Mid rise jeans are cut higher so they cover your love handles instead of spilling them out.  The higher the rise, the more "meat" it will take in/hold in.  Nobody wants to see muffin tops or butt cracks so just wear a higher rise jean for everybody's benefit.

FYI, Gap and Victoria's Secret carries really nice mid rise jeans

And if you can't wear higher rise jeans because it cuts off your torso, wear a longer shirt.  I personally have a short torso in proportion to my legs so I have to wear longer shirts anyways.  If you have a long torso, higher rise jeans with shorter length shirts will make your legs look longer as well.

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