Friday, April 29, 2011

Steal: Bikinis under $10

I never understood why bathing suits always cost so much money for the amount of fabric it comes with.  However, here are some exceptions:
The solid colored $4.50 a piece suits at Forever21 come in black, navy, pink, and yellow I believe.  They do come with some padding.  I tried looking at but they didn't have so I suggest checking your store.  If you live near Albany, NY, the Forever21 there has a rack of them right outside of Heritage by the dressing rooms.

If you don't like any of them, OP at Walmart also has them for around $12 a set; They used to be $10

H&M has bathing suits for $4.95 a piece.  There's around 5 different sets going for $4.95 a piece, others are $9.95+.  They're REALLY cute this year <------

There are also bikini tops from American Apparel going for $2.50 online.

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