Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just ordered: Dry shampoo and Alpha Hydrox

I finally ordered new Alpha Hydrox products and Batiste Dry shampoo.  I've been a big fan of Alpha Hydrox since freshmen year.  My skin was insanely flaky and irritated.  It hurt whenever I put lotion on and I still used Alpha Hydrox even though it irritates skin at first.  The irritation from Alpha Hydrox is more a heating up rather than a burning sensation.  If you don't know, Alpha Hydrox is a line of skin products containing most notably, alpha hydroxy acid.  Alpha hydroxy acid is a chemical exfloliant that smooths out your skin and lessens the likelyhood of clogged pores.  In time, your skin will produce more collage and retain more moisture; you can learn more about it here.  I have purchased Alpha Hydrox 10% Enhanced Lotion, 12% Souffle, Foaming Face Wash, and 12% Foot and Problem Area Cream before.  I ran out of my absolute favorite, 10% Enhanced Lotion 1.5 years ago and never had the chance to reorder again.  Today, I was just looking up things and I came across the manufacturer's site, discovering they were having a buy one get one $.60 so I had to snag 2.

Batiste Dry shampoo is my 2nd favorite dry shampoo of all time; first being Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo.  Batiste runs for $8 at Sally's beauty supply.  I was surprised to find Neoteric Cosmetics having a stock of it.  I snagged 4 bottles for only $17 (2 of Original scent and 2 of Blush scent).  I felt like I need a big stock of it because I use dry shampoo like hair spray.  I use it 3-4x a week and it has always been horrifying when I discover that I have run out without backups!  Dry shampoo is holy grail for those of us who don't like washing our hair often but still like fresh looking hair.  I have used Batiste, Rene Furterer, Tresemme, and Psssssst dry shampoos.  I still have 3 bottles left but 2 are clogged and the remaining Tresemme one is my least favorite of all.

The BOGO $.60 sale on Neoteric Cosmetics is going to end tonight (4/9) so hurry if you would like to hop on this steal.  There is free shipping over $35.  My purchase total was $35.74, saving $26.17.  It is very rare to find Batiste on such a deal.

FTC:  I won Rene Furterer and Psssssst dry shampoo both from Allure giveaways

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