Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steal: $10 off $10 at Aerie

Oh my lord.  Aerie has just released a $10 off $10 coupon on their facebook.  This coupon is valid from 4/28 to 5/1 in stores only.  I freaking love American Eagle these days.

Since I'll be over there 4x during the promotional period.  I've calculated that I can get 16 pairs of the $3.95 ones for $5.78 plus tax or 12 pairs of the $4.95 ones for $3.26 plus tax.  The $3.95 ones were originally $7.50 whereas the $4.95 ones were around $9.50-12.50.  Since there is a 30% off clearance, I'll be saving $115 on them!

My local Aerie store has them at $2.95 each!  I got 5 pairs for $0.35 after coupon and 30% off clearance.  You can get 10 pairs for $0.65 if you pick all the ones on clearance!  There are some that are on promotion for $2.95 so they don't qualify for the 30% off.  Don't forget, there are also bras on sale for $14.95 so after discounts, you could get one for $0.46.  You heard me, $0.46

Note: You can also use this towards American Eagle items.  You just have to throw in something from Aerie into the pile


  1. I wonder if you could print 2 coupons and use them 2 different times. 0_o

  2. You can print however many you want, lol

  3. hmmmm... just need to make sure they don't recognize me and catch on that im using the same coupon over and over. lol. :D

  4. haaaa, just go with someone and have them use it for you