Monday, April 4, 2011

Just ordered: H&M By Night collection dress

I had to do it.  This dress was not passable even though I have no reason to buy it.  I already have 3 prom dresses and this would make #4.   It retails for $60 at H&M, but when I called my store up, they told me that they did not carry the collection.  So, I had to revert to eBay (see why I said eBay is the spot to go for everything hard to find?)  I found the dress selling for $116 and 2 on auction at $20.  The 2 on auction were size 4 and 8.  Now from my mild experience of shopping at H&M, I know for a fact that their sizes run very small.

Shockingly, I have only purchased a bikini and a loose shirt from there so I have absolutely no idea what my dress size is there.  I tried on the bikini tops ranging from size 4-10, the 8 fit perfect but there wasn't a lot of coverage so I opted for the 10 while I fit into a 4/6 in bottoms.  The top that I bought was a size 6.  Since it is quite the size difference, I have no stinking idea what my dress size is there.  They always say to buy the bigger of the 2 numbers, but hey, I am definitely not a size 8 at the waist and I am a fan of a defined waist in dresses.  I decided that I most likely would fit better in a size 6.  If the boobs don't fit, it's okay, I can play it off as a push up bra with body tape.

Since the cheaper seller didn't have size 6, I emailed her asking if she had one in stock.  If she didn't, I was going to purchase the size 4 knowing that it would not fit (from my experience, they are skin tight and exaggerated the fat on my body although it would encourage exercising) and corset the back when I got it. Luckily, she was kind enough to go and look for me and found one.  She gave me the price of $45 shipped and I took it, saving $20 plus tax and time/gas.

If anyone is still interested in the sold out Lanvin x H&M dresses or any H&M piece, my seller still has a couple and probably will have another in the near future.  If she doesn't have the one you want, just email!  I guarantee you she will give the most discounted price out of all the sellers on eBay.

I will update on the fitting of this when I get it.  Does anyone else experience size problems?

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