Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY tinted brow gel

Since my brows are black and my hair is dyed brown, the coloring is a bit off.  You might be able to pull it off if you have sparse brows but mine are think and dark so it just looks ridiculous if I don't tint my brows.  Sometimes I bleach them if I'm dyeing my hair light brown, but most of the time I just use a tinted brow gel.  The one that I use is by Sephora that I got 3 years ago.  They have since discontinued the tinted versions and I just noticed that my was nearly out the other day.

I've done my research on tinted brow gels and have found that most of them are department store brands.  Mac has one called brow set, Anastasia has a few, Million dollar brows as a few, and Revlon has one.  In any other situation, I would buy the Mac brow set since I have tested it out before, but since I'm running low on cash these days, I decided to go the other route: DIY.

I knew that I probably could mix some brown eyeshadow/bronzer into a clear mascara that I already had to get a tinted brow gel, but I didn't know how it would work out.  Out of boredom, I decided to try to make a tinted brow gel today.  I had a cheap old eyeshadow palette around from years ago that had a few browns in it.  I took a pen cap and smashed up the eye shadow and then took out the mascara wand and started dabbing it into the smashed eye shadow.  After every time I dipped, I stuck the wand back in, swirling the wand around to mix it in.  After deliberally using up the whole eyeshadow, my then clear mascara was now looking like my used up Sephora one.  I tested the new brow gel out on my arm hair, noticed that it wasn't pigmented enough, and smashed up another eyeshadow.  After using up 1.8 eyeshadows, my DIY tinted brow gel was complete.

Keep in mind that in terms of brows, you shouldn't use anything of a warm/red/orange undertone because it will just look off unless your hair is copper.  You can use shimmery eye shadows, but don't use extremely frosty ones or else your brows will be a glitter ball.  I used semi shimmery ones and it looks fine.  In terms of colors, you should use a brow gel thats about the same color as your hair and if you're blonde, use a light brown one.  Brow gels are not meant to be 100% opaque so don't worry if it looks off in the tube.

I also don't recommend you use this on your eyes because it's not sterile.  If you want to be extra careful, feel free to spray rubbing alcohol on the mascara wand and at the eyeshadow.

By DIYing my tinted brow gel, I saved around $15.  I will put up pictures later

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