Friday, April 1, 2011

Freebie update: Nomorerack makeup

So by the end of the 60 hour referral period, I rounded up 26 referrals.  The YSL Bow pallete that I really wanted was 20 referrals but when I went to redeem it, it was already sold out.  Even though it was my most wanted item out of all that they were offering, it really was not worth the 20 referrals.  If you look up the price of it, you could get it for only $17.  I needed up ordering 2 Mac lip glasses and the Lancome color fever lip gloss in firework for 25 referrals.  I don't know what colors they're sending for the mac ones but the Lancome one is bright red.  The monetary value of the 3 lip glosses total $56 which is awesome.  Hopefully no one signed up 2x on the same computer or else I will not be getting them.

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