Sunday, April 17, 2011

Jeans 101

Everybody wears jeans, but jeans are the hardest things to shop for.  Here are some tips that should help you out so that trip to the mall isn't a waste.

If you have wider hips, love handles or higher set hips, try on mid rise/high waisted jeans because it will suck everything in and prevent muffin tops and butt cracks from showing.

Boot cut jeans will suit everyone's shape.  If you don't have wide hips or large thighs, the skinny fit is great.  If you are curvy, flare jeans or trouser jeans will fit you great.  The 70's flare leg has also come back, full force!

If you would like to look slimmer, dark wash jeans will do great for you.  Lighter wash jeans will fill you in.

If you have a large behind, stay clear of back pocket embellishments/button pockets.  If you have a smaller behind, look for those things.  Smaller, higher set pockets will make your butt look bigger while larger, lower set back pockets will make your butt look more understated.

Jeans should end at your ankle; when trying on jeans, keep in mind what height of a shoe you will most likely wear with them.  I wear short for skinnys and regular length for boot cuts and flare even though I wear heels with all cuts; the opening of a skinny jean does not allow it to go over the shoe so that is why they still need to end at my ankle.

If you are petite like me, you know that short length jeans are so hard to find.  If you don't know, the inseam for petite/short jeans are around 31", 34" for regular, 36" for long.  A lot of stores don't carry short length jeans so hemming is the way to go.  I suggest original hem because it looks more authentic.

When trying on jeans, try on everything.  You never know if something will fit.  Keep in mind to buy jeans that take a little bit to get into.  Jeans will always stretch out so don't be like me and have a gazillion pairs of jeans that are too big.

Also, expensive jeans don't mean quality 100% of the time.  Most of the time, you're just paying for the name. The most expensive pair I own ripped 5x in one day.   I highly recommend Gap 1969 jeans and Levi's Curve ID for the fit and quality.

You should always, always, always wash your jeans inside out.  It keeps the dye from fading so your money doesn't go to waste.

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