Monday, April 4, 2011

Hygiene 101

Yes, we all know to shower and to wash our face and hair, but not every knows these tips:

  1. Washing your hair everyday will strip your hair of its' natural oils and make it produce more to keep up with it, leaving you with greasy hair by the end of the day.  To make your hair healthy and to keep oil production at a minimum, wash your hair at MOST every other day.  On the days that you don't wash your hair, clip it up/tie it up and wear a shower cap.  If you have dry hair, don't shampoo the roots and use conditioner every other day instead.
  2. You can actually wash your hair with hair conditioner because shampoo may be too stripping for you.  Yes, hair conditioners can make your hair look greasy right after you wash it, but it only happens when you use the wrong kind.  To wash your hair with hair conditioner, make sure you use one that is silicone free!  Anything that ends in -cone will grease up/built up in your hair and won't rinse clean.  Also, make you you rinse really well too.
  3. Makeup brushes are suppose to be washed.  I've met many people who have never washed their powder brush before and when they finally did, the water was black!  How disgusting is that?  Think about all the bacteria that was harvesting which may have been giving you break outs!  Try to wash your makeup brushes every 2 weeks with baby shampoo/face wash.  Don't use a cleanser that doesn't rinse clean and is too drying.  
  4. They all say to wash your face 2-3 times a day. Well, that doesn't apply to everyone.  If you have normal to dry skin, you can get away with using just a toner in the morning and washing only at night.  If you have oily skin, don't wash your face more than 4 times a day.  It can dry out your skin which will lead to your oil glands thinking that it need to produce even more oil!
  5. It is recommended to change your pillow case every 2 weeks because of the oils from your face and hair and all the dead skin cells giving bacteria a place to reproduce.
  6. Don't use the puff that comes in powder compacts.  It grows bacteria because most people don't wash them.  Every time you use it, you are transferring oil to the puff and it will just keep building up.  If you put the compact right against your powder, you probably have noticed a film on your powder.  Now that is gross.
  7. Don't use the wash cloth in your bathroom to dry your face. Think about how often you wash it and whether or not you dry your hands on it as well.  In a week, it will be the home of more bacteria than you can think of so use a tissue instead!
  8. Don't touch your face unless your hands have been washed.  Do you ever notice all the gunk under your nails?  Where have your hands been or where have the things you have touched been?  
  9. Don't pick your skin, your nails usually hold on to a lot of gunk and it can also scrape your skin.

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