Monday, April 25, 2011

Just ordered: American Eagle Ankle Jeggings

Since silly little me didn't know that almost all stores are closed on Easter Sunday, I went to both malls, thinking that I was gonna score some more jeans for $15 and have the ones I bought price adjusted.  Well, that didn't exactly work out so out of desperation, I ordered a pair of ankle jeggings from American Eagle online.  There was free shipping and 20% off everything until the end of Sunday so I had to take advantage.  To be honest, there weren't even my top choice.  I actually tried on a pair of skinnys in Medium Antique and I loved them; I'm really into antique distressing, especially the ones at the ankle like these jeans had.Problem is, the online store doesn't have 30% off clearance, only the stores do and I wasn't sure when the sale was going to last because the stores don't even know.

So for my top choices, I had either the ankle jeggings in super vintage wash or white; vintage flare in deep dark or these high waisted drapey shorts.  My dilemma was to not get the shorts because I could get 2 similar pairs for the price of 1 at Forever21, I already had bootcut jeans in that shade but the opening is 3" smaller but that makes no difference, and I already had white skinny jeans that are too big for me but it's not that difficult having them taken in. <---- So the jeggings it was.  Plus, I don't own any ripped jeans to be honest, well except my pink ones, but those aren't blue.  The jeans came out to be around $16 shipped, it would have been $50 if I bought them full price.  If you use ebates, you get 3% cash back.  If you also purchase through MyPoints, you get 2 points for every dollar spent.

And then today, I check the site and apparently the store still have the 30% off so I'm actually going to go the store this weekend and get the Medium Antique pair for $21 anyways.  I can also get the jeggings price adjusted to be $14.  I'm a much bigger fan of a skinny opening as opposed to the skin tight legging kind.  Once I have both pairs, I'll decide which to keep or both and we'll go from there.

Oh and if you're wondering why I'm getting ankle jeans, it is because I am 5'3" and my legs are short.  I wear a 30" inseam and cropped jeans come up perfect.  Sometimes, short length jeans are still 2 inches too long.

Tip: If you have short legs, go for jeans that a just a tid bit too long because it will elongate your legs and stay away from jeans that end at your calves because it will make you look shorter.

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