Friday, April 8, 2011

I want: Dressmaker mannequin

I seriously need this thing.  It is like a must have for every fashion lover.  Even though I may not be sewing my own clothes together, I think this is awesome to put beloved outfits on or to use as jewelry holder.  I really need a necklace holder because currently, I have all my necklaces hooked on the back of a chair.  I have roughly 30 necklaces and most of them are chunky so it is very difficult to take them out sometimes.  Not only is this a great jewelry holder, you can get one in your size so if you ever need to adjust a dress or shirt to fit your shape, you can put it on this mannequin and adjust away yourself!

Retail therapy has made me a bit broke, but I hope to get this mannequin sometime this year.  This retails for $64

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