Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tips for sensitive skin

  1. Before wearing new clothes, wash them first.  The dye can irritate your skin and itch like crazy.  It is also more healthy because the chemicals can seep into your system if unwashed.
  2. The less ingredients the better.  You never know if something is going to irritate your skin so the less chemicals, the better.
  3. Wear sunscreen.  Nobody wants a sunburn
  4. Don't use products with strong alpha hydroxy acids.  In order for products with a good amount of alpha hydroxy acids to work, it has to irritate your skin.  For sensitive skin, it will hurt.  Even my skin stings when I put it on and turns red for a good hour.
  5. Use a pH balanced cleanser.  Unbalanced pH levels will make your skin freak out
  6. Wear a green primer/corrector.  Sensitive skin turns to to red so the green will cancel it.
  7. Don't use harsh exfoliants.  When exfoliating with a physical exfoliator, don't scrub too hard.  If you over exfoliate, your skin will be even more irritated.
  8. Don't use a lot of acne products.  I went through a stage where I just jacked up on it and it hurt to even put lotion on.
  9. Don't pick your skin.  
  10. Don't use Bare Minerals because there is an ingredient in their powders that will irritate your skin even though they say it doesn't.
  11. Try to stick to using natural products.  Chances are, it has less chemicals in it.  Try aloe vera gel.
  12. Go paraben free.  Preservatives are never good for you
  13. Try not to use face washes with sulfates.  They dry out your skin and clog it up
  14. If you use a toner, try to get one without alcohol.  It is very irritating to the skin and will dry it up.
  15. Always moisturize your skin after washing.  It doesn't matter if you have oily skin or not.  You need to stay hydrated.  

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