Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stupid people like me tend to plan out shopping trips weeks in advance

So here comes summer and along with it summer jobs; the paychecks and the long 8 hour work days ahead.  If I'm going to be working 8-5 every single week day, I might as well buy something I want.  The problem is, $1320 of it goes to tax!  That is crazy!  I went through $1000 in a YEAR of shopping and to think that the government can just take 130% of what I spend in a year for income tax for 10 weeks is obscured!  I seriously need to move to a tax free state when I'm grown.  If I were to save all the money that would have went to taxes every year, oh my, I'd have a completely new wardrobe.

But anyways, I'm thinking about saving half the money, and spending the other half.  For my 1st paycheck, I'm purchasing a phone with it because I have the most lousy parent in the world who thinks it is unnecessary for me to have a cell phone so he took it away after a year so I have been phoneless for officially an year now.  I was actually planning on getting the iPhone 4 in white because I have a $70 gift card to the Apple store as a gift, but after careful consideration of the costs, it is 2x as expensive to get an iPhone at Verizon on my own plan with the data costs.  An year with the iPhone costs $1004 a year ($70 a month) without taxes and there are PLENTY of taxes when it comes to phone bills.  So instead of of putting 1/3 of earnings into a phone, I've decided that I'm going to get the LG Optimus V at Virgin Mobile for only $450 a year ($25 a month) with unlimited text and data.  If I were to get a phone at Verizon, the plans would start at $40 a month and I'd have a forced $30 data charge and let's not talk about texting.  I plans with an iPhone is to not get texting because there's apps for that.  Anywho, I'm a deal hunter and I found my deal.

As for clothes and whatever the hell girls love to buy at Forever21, I racked up $1268.84 worth of crap on my wishlist.  Of course when the time comes, I'll narrow things down like crazy, but as for now, I'm just adding everything I like.  The logic comes when I actually have to buy things.  Although the wishlist is practically everything I have been wanting for months, the current stock of Forever21 does not include nude belts, leather pants, super floppy hats, suspender tights, and nice shoes.  For the European fashion that I crave, I'd probably have to order it off of and the shoes would have to come from various places.  (If you don't know, I freaking hate shopping in person.) Regular shoes would probably be around $200 in total and then there's the Jeffrey Campbell Skate Wedges that I MUST purchase ($200). I'll either justify the price or pass when the time comes....My back to school budget is around $1800 right now, but come on, I'm psycho.  I'm sure I'll come to my senses when I actually order things.

Whatever I end up buying and how much it totals up to, I will forbid myself from buying anything for the rest of the year unless its on a crazy deal or I need it for than dear life.  Uh huh.  I made that promise last year and it did not work out so I don't even know why I'm planning on doing it again.

As for the makeup, I shall put myself on project 10 pan!  If you don't know, it is a mission where you try to use up everything in your makeup collection until you have completely finished 10 things.  Before you finish the 10, you can not buy anymore makeup.  If it is an absolute necessity and you run out of it, you are welcome to repurchase it, but it does not count towards the 10. Wait, what if there's a crazy makeup deal?  Eh oh.

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