Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Obsessed: May Favorites

I don't know what is it with me lately, but I'm been doing things so out of the ordinary.  I've actually been painting my nails!  If you know me, you would know that my nails are ALWAYS bare even though I have a bunch of polishes.  I guess the top reason is because I got new polishes that are suppose to dry fast = no frustration for me.  I get frustrated really easily so when my nails smudge, I get upset so I really don't ever paint my nails because I don't want the extra stress.  Right now I'm loving Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in Jaded.  It's a mint color and I've been wanting a mint nail polish because they're all over youtube.  After I purchased it, I went home and discovered that I had the exact same color already but in a shimmery formula as apposed to the cream of Jaded.  I really like this polish because it really is a nice color and it says on for 3 days without chipping.

Another thing I've been loving is self tanner.  My body is always lighter than my face and it is really annoying because it always looks like my foundation is too dark for me, but it's not.  If I were to use a "correct" color, I feel like it just looks weird....So, I use the Jergens Daily Glow in Medium/Tan in the firming version.  I have it in the express and revitalizing as well.  The express is just intense and I feel like I only need to use it if I want an rapid boost or when I'm just beginning a gradual tan trip.  I have not tried the revitalize version yet, but it smells different than the firming one.  I really love the smell of firming because it just smells like caramel chocolate or something.  I don't know.  Most people absolutely dread the smell of self tanner, but I love it?  Or maybe it is just this one?  The St. Tropez smells the same though....

I've been sporting wavy hair as well.  My hair texture is really messed up in that it is natural slight wavy, frizzy, and just BIG, but my longer layers are stick straight because I've had 2 chemical straightens, the most recent one was 2 years ago so my short layers is all natural texture.  It is really annoying to dry it straight because I have to fix it in place every time I move and I'm too much of a control freak to damage my hair by straightening every time I wash my hair.  It is almost impossible to dry my longer layers wavy though because they are too long and they just like to be straight.  Nowadays, I just take it out the towel after a shower and I put some leave in stuff and then put it in a smooth, but messy bun so it can have "some" texture.  I take it out quite a few times so it would actually dry and then when its around 95% dry, I put some Alterna Caviar Extreme Wax in and put in a messy bun again and I wake up to VERY loose waves.  In the morning, if I have time, which is very very rare, I take big sections and wrap them around a .5" curling iron to get more defined loose waves.  It is a nice mix to my every day straight hair.

I don't know if it is just me, but I think I need a closet makeover.  I feel like most of the tops I won, I can't wear because they just seem so juvenile!  I look at things and I'm just like "Why did I get this?" because it is either in an awful bold color, the cut is funny, or it just seems some childish.  So now I've just been wearing loose t-shirts, high waisted shorts, or cream lace dresses. It is quite sad.

Since it got warmer, I started wearing flip flops again until the day that my arch decided it couldn't handle it anymore so now I have to wear either wedges or heels everyday or else I'd have to walk limped.  Gives me more reason to get more shoes :D

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