Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Steal: Designer clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and makeup

Some of you may know about private sale sites like Hautelook (most popular), Ruelala, GiltBeyond the Rack, Modnique, Bloom Circle and etc.  These sites have flash sales for brand name clothing, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, you name it.  I seriously feel for people who shell out full price for designer goods because there is always a flash sale on a site for the item.  I've seen Hautelook have Rock and Republic jeans from $300 down to $88, 30-85% of countless brands like Juicy Couture, Gucci, BCBG, Mark Jacobs, and so much more.  There are always department/high end makeup for only $5, yes $25 makeup for $5.  The sites that I have listed above sell only 100% authentic items, I promise you.

Flash sale sites also have very good referral systems.  For most sites, for every friend you refer that buys something, you get $10 worth of credit added to your account.  The more friends you refer, the more free things you can get.

Oh and you know what's a good idea?  GETTING YOUR PROM DRESS FROM FLASH SALE SITES!  Think about it, you could be wearing an $800 dollar dress for only $200.  Just think about it.  The only downside is that the shipping may take a while, always check the status of your order.

Also, to know what the sites are going to have on a sale, check your email.  The flash sales generally start at 12 PM EST.  Some brands only go on sale for a day, some for a week.  Keep in mind that you have to put whatever you want in your cart right then and there if it has a crazy sale.  People count down the clock for these sales.  Good luck!

Note: I do not recommend purchasing from Nomorerack because it is a horrible idea, but using their referral system for free products is great!  Beyond the Rack also as a bit of bad rep when it comes to shipping.

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