Monday, March 28, 2011

I want: Express Satchel and H&M Dress

I haven't gone to the mall and bought clothes in over a month which is pretty record breaking for me.  I haven't stepped foot in Forever21 because it is such a bad environment for shopaholics so I've just been sticking with cleaning. Well it is the end of March and my $25 off $50 Express coupon is expiring in 2 days (you can find it in Glamour magazine I believe) and I've been eying this bag.
My backpack is ripping apart in the seams because my folders are too big for it and plus, it was never high quality to begin with.  This satchel is $59.90 and I can get it for $35.90, it sounds pretty good but I actually could have gotten it cheaper when Express had their 30% off bags 2 weeks ago.  :(  I hate it when I miss out on deals and have to spend more.  Oh well, this would actually only be $5 more than my backpack so it's not that bad.  Let's just hope they have it in the store because my coupon only works in stores and I would pass on it if I had to shell out $60.

Another thing that I've been wanting is this dress from H&M
This dress was printed in Seventeen magazine and I knew that I just had to have it.  It is lace (absolute obsession of mine) and it is short.  I would love to wear this to prom but who knows if I'm even going to be allowed.  This is only $60 and it better be in the store when I go this week. And none of you are going to pick it up because I'll be reserving every single size. Just kidding, but yeah, no stealing dresses.

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