Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My daily routine for getting free stuff

Yes, I am like the queen of free stuff and winning and to be honest, I spend like 10 minutes a day doing so.  It really doesn't take much.  All I do is subscribe to major freebie sites like Mojosavings but the down part is that its for moms so it has a lot of grocery stuff but its okay, its all the free stuff that matters.

The email subscriptions come around 6pm and usually by then, most of the free samples are go so I just check when I get home every day.  The emails pretty much gives you everything you need to get free stuff.  The site gets like 20,000 visitors or more a day so they get a lot of emails telling them what's up.

So after I check my email, I go on Swagbucks and vote on the daily poll and check my surveys (you don't need to take any, just visiting the page will give you 1 swagbuck).  A vote and a survey visit gives you 2 swagbucks and if you search on their search engine 2-3 times, preferably 2+ apart, you will get 5-12 swagbucks.  If you haven't visited swagbucks in for say, 2 months, if you search on their search engine, you will receive 50 swagbucks.  Mega swagbuck day is Friday and you get double points.  You might think 10 swagbucks a day is nothing when you need 450 swagbucks for a $5 Amazon giftcard.  However, the points add up very quickly and you also have sites like Swag Codes that give you swag codes so you can score bonus bucks just for entering in a code (codes usually expire at 3-4 PM EST)!  It usually takes me a month to get 450 swagbucks and I don't usually complete offers nor do surveys.  If you prefer to save up points, you can usually score Apple products.

Then I go on magazine websites like Glamour and Lucky to enter in their giveaways.  You might think that magazine giveaways are very difficult to win and yes they are but once in a while you do win one and they are very rewarding.  I have won a $200 jewelry gift card and $250 worth of hair/makeup products before.

And that is all I do!  The main thing is that you just have to be in the know.  If you don't know about a giveaway, how are you going to win it?

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